Coldplay’s Chris Martin is Having a Hard Time, My Universe Singer Says “I Don’t Sleep…”

Coldplay has recently been all over the news be it for their collaboration with the k-pop sensation BTS or their upcoming album ‘Music of the Spheres’. With all the fanfare, it is hard to imagine if the band, specifically its members are going through a tough time or not.

Coldplay frontman Chris Martin has revealed how he is having a “hard time” at the moment as he reflects on his religious upbringing as an evangelical Christian.

Coldplay’s Chris Martin Struggles

Chris Martin got candid about his situation and revealed some emotionally staggering details about his life.

Martin said: “I am having such a hard time in my life right now. And part of dealing with that is going back to look at all that stuff. I could not sing ‘Paint It Black’ by The Stones because I thought it was evil.”

He had a method of coping in the past, but he doesn’t think the same serves him now, reports Earlier Martin had talked about how he swears by meditation and naps.

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Speaking on the Howard Stern radio show, he said: “Any method of coping is a strength when you develop it, but later in your life it might not necessarily serve you anymore.”

He said: “I don’t sleep very much in the nighttime. I meditate and also I occasionally take a nap. I was encouraged on that by kickboxer Conor McGregor’s trainer. After we played in Dublin last time, I went to train in a gym and he said the key to life is making yourself lie down for 15 minutes and close your eyes in the afternoon.”

Martin said he has given up dairy for the sake of his health.

Coldplay in recent news

Meanwhile, Coldplay has dropped its much-awaited collaboration with BTS titled ‘My Universe’ on September 24, 2021. The joint single has taken the music industry by storm and is gaining more and more streams with each passing moment.

Coldplay is also set to release ‘Music of the Spheres’ in the month of October this year.

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