Christina P: Mom Genes Review: Funniest of the Lot!

Christina P: Mom Genes is a standup comedy skit by Christina Pazsitzky and has a runtime of around 62 minutes.

Netflix describes the skit as:

Comedian Christina P examines the joys and drags of parenting, partnering and more through a no-nonsense Gen-X lens in this special.

– Christina P: Mom Genes review does not contain spoilers –

Christina Pazsitzky, known by her stage name Christina P, is a Canadian-American stand-up comedian and it’s not her first stint on Netflix – the streaming platform has another one of Christina’s comedy skits on its roster titled, Christina P: Mother Inferior. And boy, after watching her latest release, you’re going to want to go back and watch (or rewatch!) the other one.

Christina P Mom Gene

Her new stand-up comedy, Mom Genes, has no filters.  For those who like the unfiltered, politically incorrect life of moms and their difficult day-to-day trials and tribulations, this comedy skit is for you. Because let me tell you this, you’re going to laugh throughout the entire runtime. With Netflix coming out of comedy skits left, right and centre, it’s refreshing to watch something that is so damn good that you can’t help but want to watch some more of it after it’s over.

Mom Genes isn’t kidding around. Herself the mother of two boys, Christina is all too familiar with births and growing up and everything that entails the latter process. She starts off with the toll the vagina takes when you give birth to a 10 pound 10-ounce child naturally and she has a lot of feelings about that. From that moment on, you know you’re in for a hilarious and (for some people) uncomfortable ride. The way she describes her vagina post-birth sets up the tone for the rest of the hour.

She knows what works for her. Her jokes aren’t politically correct in way, shape or form and she goes with that in full swing. You will be swept up in the madness that is the pacing and the jokes, coming together to give you several slaps of reality with blood, guts and gore! Her raw sense of humour and extremely realistic and sarcastic expressions make this funnier, so much so that you relate to her parenting woes.

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Christina P Mom Gene

But this stand-up isn’t just about her parenting woes, it’s also about her own childhood and about a lot of sex. When a grown woman relates Sesame Street with something sexual, it’s definitely a wild ride that you’re on. Even in these moments, when she talks about hating her mother, it’s just so hilarious that the discomfort that you feel listening to her blast her “borderline, schizophrenic” mother goes to the back of your mind. Plus, she makes it feel like it’s not a big deal. I mean, come on, she was ready to fly the nest at 6 years old.

I should also mention here that Christina looks so great! A bright pink set with that amazing hair-do is exactly what you want your style inspiration to be and coupled with the jokes that she rattles off, it’s the perfect mix.

Summing up: Christina P: Mom Genes

Christina P Mom Gene

There are very few shows that can make me laugh the way this skit did. It’s hilarious, real and very sarcastic. Her rawness makes this extremely uncomfortable but rewarding and makes it difficult for you to not laugh along with the excited audience.

Christina P: Mom Genes is streaming on Netflix. You can also check her podcast, Where My Moms At?, here.

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Christina P: Mom Genes is the funniest of the current stand-up shows and will have you laughing throughout!

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Christina P: Mom Genes is the funniest of the current stand-up shows and will have you laughing throughout!Christina P: Mom Genes Review: Funniest of the Lot!