Choose or Die: All You Need to Know About Netflix’s Upcoming Horror Thriller

Netflix is bringing to us yet another horror-thriller in the form of Choose or Die. This upcoming film was formerly titled CURS>R and is directed by Toby Meakins. This title marks Meakins’ feature directorial debut. Written by Simon Allen, the latest Netflix title is produced by
Sebastien Raybaud and John Zois under the banners of Anton and Stigma Films. With music from Liam Howlett, let us quickly breeze through some of the film’s details such as release date, cast, trailer and more.

Choose or Die Cast

The film is headlined by Iola Evans, who is best known for The 100 and Carnival Row, and Asa Butterfield, who is iconic for his role as Otis in Sex Education, in the roles of Kayla and Isaac, respectively. The rest of the cast consists of Eddie Marsan as Hal, Kate Fleetwood as Laura, Ryan Gage as Lance, Angela Griffin as Thea, Joe Bolland as Beck along with Robert Englund, posing as a fictionalized version of himself.

Choose or Die Plot/Synopsis

Netflix’s official description of the film reads: “Tempted by a chance to win unclaimed prize money, two friends reboot a mysterious 1980s video game and step into a surreal world of next-level terror.” The OTT platform further describes this film as suspenseful.

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Choose or Die Release Date, Trailer and More

The title will arrive on Netflix on Friday, April 15, 2022. Choose or Die will have a runtime of 85 minutes with the content restricted only to adults due to the show of self-harm and violence. You can check out the trailer for the film below!

Let us know in the comments below what you think of this upcoming horror thriller on Netflix. You can set a reminder for the movie’s arrival by clicking here.

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