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Glass Octopus Video Goes Viral; Mumbai Indians and Manchester United Logos on Bride’s Mehendi

A Glass Octopus video and a picture of Mumbai Indians and Manchester United Logos on Bride's Mehendi has intrigued the netizens. Check it out.

Hollywood Celebs Strip Naked for PSA On ‘Naked Ballots’

Celebrities took the phrase 'naked ballot' to a whole new level. See how they guide voters to vote carefully in their new PSA.

Netflix Secret Codes for All Those Hidden Genres to Binge On

Think you've watched everything on Netflix? Well, we've got news for you! Check out these Netflix secret codes to find some cool new hidden genres!


Dune Movie: Did Denis Villeneuve Miss Out Crucial Elements From the Book? Read On

Frank Herbert's Dune has been called "unadaptable" for ages now yet Denis Villeneuve stands out with his version of Dune. However, he does miss out on the most important parts of the book.

Eternals: Ma Dong-Seok Gives A Sneak-Peak Of His Character

'Eternals' reflects South Korean actor Ma Dong-Seok's unique personality and signature action style.

K-Pop Band Seventeen On Their Album Attacca, “We Want To Reach No. 1 Position On Billboard”

K-pop Boy Band Seventeen is soaring high with expectations when it comes to their album 'Attacca'

Eternals Star Salma Hayek Talks About Landing A Superhero Role In Her 50s

Find out what Eternals actress Salma Hayek has to say about landing a humble role in the upcoming Marvel film.

Netflix’s Blue Period Episode 3 Review: Art School Is Full Of Weirdos

While well-intentioned and full of heart, Blue Period Episode 3 fails to connect with the viewer in any artistic manner. For a show supposedly about art and expression, its biggest failure is to express its art in any way that makes sense.