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5 Health Benefits of Cherries that Make them Amazing

Cherries are tiny, sweet-tangy, delicious fruits loaded with nutrients. Read on to know why this stone fruit is a nutritional all-star.

Top 5 Healthy Natural Sugar Substitutes

A diet high in refined sugar gives rise to a variety of serious health issues. Here is a list of natural sugar substitutes that will help keep your health in check.

Unique Benefits of Cantaloupe that You Can Enjoy

Colourful, sweet and a popular variety of musk melon, the benefits of cantaloupe are endless. It is a low-calorie summer fruit filled with essential nutrients.

Sedentary Lifestyle: Challenges, Health Risks, and Effective Solutions

A sedentary lifestyle starts a vicious cycle of unforeseen physical ailments that can be avoided by regular exercise, good nutrition and developing a fit body.

Easy Home Remedies for Hair Loss

Hair fall is a common issue affecting millions of people. Here are a few effective home remedies for hair loss that can give you the luscious locks you desire!

8 Popular Foods that are Bad for Health

Looking for something tasty to eat but are worried about its impact on your body? Explore our list of foods that are bad for health and make the right choices!

Top 10 Popular Vegan Protein Sources

No, meat isn't the only food source rich in Protein. Read on for a list of the best vegan proteins if you're looking to transition to a plant-based diet.

Meet Teff, the Next Superfood! Find Easy Ways to Add this to Your Diet

Find out why Teff, edible seeds from Africa, are attracting fitness enthusiasts around the globe and is now being considered a superfood!

7 Reasons Shea Butter is Nature’s Gift to Mankind

Shea butter is a moisturizing miracle that has been used as a beauty and medicinal ingredient for decades now. Ever wondered what makes it so special?


Gotham Awards 2021 Winners: Squid Game, Spencer and Others

Gotham Awards 2021 Winners list is out and it ranges from Squid Game to Spencer. Find out all about it here.

Is Channing Tatum’s Magic Mike 3 Finally Happening?

Find out if Channing Tatum's Magic Mike 3 is finally happening or not!

The Summit of the Gods Review: Thought-Provoking and Visually Impressive

The Summit of the Gods Review: Based on Japanese Manga, the Netflix film is intriguing with visuals that captivate your mind.

Mo Amer Mohammed in Texas (2021) Review: Mo Problems, Mo Solutions!

Mo Amer Mohammed in Texas is the 2021 Netflix stand up comedy special that will give you a laughing fit.

Lead Me Home (2021) Review: Pedro Kos and Jon Shenk’s Doc Will Break Your Heart

Netflix's Lead Me Home, directed by Pedro Kos and Jon Shenk, is heartbreaking and will make you rethink and appreciate the life that you have right now.

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