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Mieruko Chan Episode 3 Review: Have You Ever Eaten A Butt Before?

Mieruko Chan Episode 3 was another fantastic episode in a series that keeps getting better every episode. The episode was sharp and had a great narrative, alongside being hilarious as always.

Fena Pirate Princess Episode 11 Review: At Mission’s End

While there wasn't inherently wrong about Fena Pirate Princess Episode 11, I can't say I particularly enjoyed the direction the show went in or the destination that it reached. Above all, I am just so confused about everything. For once, it doesn't seem like it is my fault.

DC FanDome 2021: Robert Pattinson’s The Batman To Ezra Miller’s The Flash, All The Biggest Reveals!

DC FanDome 2021 revealed the biggest trailers and teasers for the upcoming DCU projects.

The Great Jahy Will Not Be Defeated Episode 11 Review: The Landlord Won’t Go Home!

The Great Jahy Will Not Be Defeated Episode 11 was fantastic, and I hope that it signified a return to form for the show. I hope the show is able to achieve the heights it is capable of.

Netflix’s Hometown Cha Cha Cha Episode 15 Recap: Closure

Hometown Cha Cha Cha episode 15 is a cathartic experience and pushes our protagonists closer towards each other.

Netflix’s Misfit The Series Review: A Musical Delight or Disaster?

Misfit The Series is a high school drama friendship, love and fighting the system to break free.

Netflix’s Blue Period Episode 2 Review: He’s Not Tanned At All

Blue Period Episode 2 was a spirited follow up to the initial episode and stuck true to its guns with the message it is trying to send out to the world. A little rough around the edges, but great all the same.

Netflix’s Explained Season 3 Episode 14 Recap: Fairy Tales

Netflix and Vox's jointly produced Explained Season 3 Episode 14 talks about fairy tales and the secret behind their survival over centuries and eras.

Netflix’s My Name (2021) Review: Revenge Story

My Name is a thrilling and fast-paced watch that leaves you wanting more.


The World’s Finest Assassin Episode 3 Review: We Are Not Killing Machines

The World’s Finest Assassin Episode 3 was a fantastic episode that served to raise the bar of expectations for this anime more than they already were. If fascinating concepts and great Isekais are what interest you, check this one out.

Netflix’s Found Review: Graceful Blend Of Emotions, Connections, And Cultures

Found sketches the trip of Sadie, Lily, and Chloe to China after a DNA test with different cultures and notions.

Dune: Timothee Chalamet Says His Character Paul “Isn’t The Everyday Romantic Protagonist”

Timothee Chalamet opens up about his role as Paul Atreides in the upcoming Dune movie.

Netflix’s Stuck Together Review: Hilarious Medley of 7 families in a Crisis

For those who can't tell from the title, "Stuck Together" is a Parisian comedy. As light as the movie's tone, it's a refreshing take on the havoc wreaked during the pandemic.

Netflix’s Night Teeth Review: Waiting for the Chills

Night Teeth is an okayish movie but doesn't do much else in terms of horror or thriller.