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Dune Part One Review: A Spectacle To Behold

Theatres exist for experiencing a movie as ambitious as Dune and you have to watch it to find out why.

Netflix’s Little Big Mouth Review: Music, Love and Togetherness

Little Big Mouth Review: Netflix film starring Amanda du-Pont and Nay Maps is a pleasant and enjoyable love story with a good dose of music.

Rathnan Prapancha Review: Heartwarming Family Satire

Rathnan Prapancha Review: Amazon Prime's latest Kannada film is a family drama that will warm your heart.

Zee5’s Heads and Tales Review: Confusing Tale

Heads and Tales is inconsistent and uninteresting but tries to put forth important lessons.

Netflix’s Flip a Coin Review: Pandemic Impact on Artists

Flip a Coin Review: The Netflix documentary highlights how ONE OK ROCK Band Members managed to keep up the hopes during the pandemic.

Netflix’s Found Review: Graceful Blend Of Emotions, Connections, And Cultures

Found sketches the trip of Sadie, Lily, and Chloe to China after a DNA test with different cultures and notions.

Netflix’s Stuck Together Review: Hilarious Medley of 7 families in a Crisis

For those who can't tell from the title, "Stuck Together" is a Parisian comedy. As light as the movie's tone, it's a refreshing take on the havoc wreaked during the pandemic.

Netflix’s Night Teeth Review: Waiting for the Chills

Night Teeth is an okayish movie but doesn't do much else in terms of horror or thriller.

Best Halloween Movies To Stream Right Now On Netflix

Haven't decided on what to watch this Halloween? Well, we have gotten you covered with a list of spooky films that you can now stream on Netflix.


Eternals Star Salma Hayek Talks About Landing A Superhero Role In Her 50s

Find out what Eternals actress Salma Hayek has to say about landing a humble role in the upcoming Marvel film.

Netflix’s Blue Period Episode 3 Review: Art School Is Full Of Weirdos

While well-intentioned and full of heart, Blue Period Episode 3 fails to connect with the viewer in any artistic manner. For a show supposedly about art and expression, its biggest failure is to express its art in any way that makes sense.

Vin Diesel Walks Paul Walker’s Daughter Down The Aisle, Fans Get Emotional

Vin Diesel become model Meadow Walker's godfather and walked her down the aisle as she got ready to marry Louis Thornton-Allan at a beachside wedding.

BTS Signs New Deal With Universal Music Group, Says Goodbye To Sony?

After a three-year partnership is BTS really saying goodbye to Sony Music's Columbia Records to join Universal Music Group?

The Lost Symbol Episode 6 Review: Who Is Mal’akh?

The Lost Symbol Episode 6 holds the biggest reveal of the series and leaves you wanting more.