Candy Episode 3 Review: Jessica Biel’s Friendship and Infidelity

Candy Episode 3 is out now. Created by Nick Antosca and Robin Veith, the miniseries features Jessica Biel in the titular role along with Melanie Lynskey as Betty Gore, Pablo Schreiber as Allan Gore and Timothy Simons as Pat Montgomery. The series recounts the murder of Betty Gore and, the subsequent trial where the titular character was seen as the killer.

The series consists of 5 episodes which will make up for a 5-night event on Hulu, with one episode released every day. The runtime for the third episode is 48 minutes.

– Hulu’s Candy Episode 3 Review Does Not Contain Spoilers –

Candy Episode 3: Overkill

Candy Episode 3 gives us more perspective on the character of Betty. In the previous episode, we were invested in what our titular character wants and desires. In ‘Overkill’ Betty plays the host to let us into her life’s trials and tribulations. The episode starts with Candy and Allan covering the practical points of starting an affair, both good and bad. And, we see Allan almost pursued by our protagonist. But, it isn’t until Betty announces her second pregnancy that sends Allan knocks into the heart of the affair.

The third episode bathes us with the affair between Montgomery and Gore and, also former striking an unprecedented friendship with Betty. This episode which should mostly rely on the intensity and passion that actually led to the affair misses out on it hugely. The affair is transactional, except for one particular segment of Allan pulling Candy up close saying he hasn’t had enough of her body. But, given we know it is the murder we are talking about, the affair could get a little more emotion.

However, Betty’s thoughts, emotions, and anxiousness are all highlighted well-thought-out in the episode. From Betty feeling fat because of her pregnancy to questioning Allan’s decreasing sexual appetite, she is earnest and genuine in her approach and, her anger issues also seem to be more intact than in the previous episodes.

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Melanie Lynskey, who plays Betty, delivers her segments with perfection and conviction. Jessica Biel is the best as always, even though there isn’t a lot to learn from her character in this episode, apart from the desperation and the need to break free from her mundane suburban routine- be it through an extramarital affair or clubbing at night. We also witness Candy’s gradual breakdown as the tension looms throughout the episode with Betty and Allan growing closer when Candy and Allan engage in an affair.

Candy Episode 3: Final Thoughts

Candy still hasn’t given us the revelation or the killing yet, but episode three sets up a good context for the events that have occurred. We can see where Betty and Candy stand in their respective lives and, why it was the latter to choose to bludgeon the other one to death. The episode ends with a close-up shot of the axe, which was the murder weapon in the case of Betty Gore and also why the ‘ax-killing’ term became synonymous with the case.

We can expect that the remaining two episodes will take a deep dive into what happened at the Gore household on June, 13 as well as the short 8-day trial that Candy Montgomery went through. All the mystery is rightly kept at bay it seems to have audiences hog down the last two pieces of puzzles in this cold case of suburban murder.

You can watch the third episode of Candy now on Hulu. The fourth episode will air on Thursday, at 9:30 AM IST. To read our review for the first two episodes, click here.

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Candy Episode 3 gives us the affair and the affiliation.

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Candy Episode 3 gives us the affair and the affiliation.Candy Episode 3 Review: Jessica Biel's Friendship and Infidelity