Business Proposal: Will the Netflix Korean Drama Have Season 2?

Business Proposal on Netflix recently became one of the most popular and hit Korean dramas. The Kdrama web series started in February and ended on April 5. It stars Ahn Hyo-seop as Kang Tae-moo, Kim Se-jeong as Shin Ha-ri, Kim Min-kyu as Cha Sung-hoon, Seol In-ah as Jin Young-seo. There was a total of 12 episodes that entertained fans throughout. Fans loved the feel-good, romantic and fun vibes of the show.

Netflix’s Business Proposal was based on a webtoon. Usually, Netflix Kdramas have at least 16 episodes. But this one had only 12 episodes. However, the show stayed true to its cheerful vibes and gave a happy ending for fans to rejoice.

Both the couples – Tae-moo and Ha-Ri, and Sung-hoon and Young-seo stay together. Tae-moo’s grandfather initially doesn’t approve of Ha-Ri. However, a year after Tae-moo stays in the US with his grandfather for the treatment, he returns to Ha-ri with good news. He tells his ladylove that his grandfather won’t approve of the relationship if they aren’t engaged. Tae-moo proposes to Ha-Ri, and she says yes.

On the other hand, Business Proposal Korean show’s other couple Sung-hoon and Young-seo, also stay together. Even though her father tells Sung-hoon to break up with his daughter, they don’t listen to him. Young-seo cuts all the ties with her father.

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Business Proposal Episode 12

Will There Be a Business Proposal Season 2?

Now the next big question everyone is asking is – Will there be Business Proposal Season 2? Well, that doesn’t seem to be a possibility. The Kdrama didn’t leave any loose ends. There was closure for most major plots. Even Min-woo and Ha-ri’s friendship get closure. So unless the makers plan to show us the married life of our favourite couple, season 2 doesn’t seem to be a possibility.

Did you like the last episode of Business Proposal? Do let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

Watch the show here.

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  1. Would love a season 2 of business proposal! So many different angles they could go into; public dating as an engaged, facing public rumors and comments, the weddings of both couples, who is going to work after marriage, raising children.

  2. Season 2 as engaged couple would be great facing new challenges in life is something people will watch out for 🤞🏻 So pls do! We need season 2 ❤️

  3. I hope they can get a new contract for Season 2 Can’t wait to see how their engagement and a beautiful double wedding for these couples!

  4. Yes! Loved this show even though I had to read the subtitles. Great acting and loved the episodes!!! There’s plenty that could be written into a season 2 and beyond. Please keep this going. This series even gives Bridgerton a run for their money!😉

  5. Love this show so much was really looking forward to a season 2.. I would really like for them to reconsider for season 2.

  6. There definitely should be a season two. Firstly, we need to see the meeting of both sets of parents at the Chicken shop. Next we need the wedding plans and subsequent wedding. Thirdly we need the chicken shop hero. We need the rivalry between the two men over who is the better husband! We need season 2!!!

  7. Firstly, there was plenty of material to have 16 episodes!!!! But since it’s a done deal, I’d love a second season! Loved every one of the cast members!!! I’d love to hear more singing! Loved the real chemistry between the 4 main characters! If you can’t come up with a 2nd season, write a new series with these 4 main couples!!! Love the real life chemistry!!!

  8. Have been read the manhwa… There is a lot of funny moment that might be need to exposed on next season.

    a girl that come from States that look really like Kang Tae Moo
    Sung hoon replacement and his relation with Ha-Ri
    How Young Seo struggle to force Ha-Ri married
    And so on…

  9. Please please give us a season 2!!!! 🙁 There is so much that can still be done with this story. Can’t make me fall in love with this show and not do a season 2. 🙁

  10. The last episode was a recollection of small pieces to bring the viewers the final resolution of all the characters conflicts. In my opinion It was rushed and It lacked the emotional part that endings should have. The scene when the lead actor comes out of the taxi cab was weak. And lead actress response was casual and empty.
    The show was very entertaining.

  11. I like the series, but it’s definitely need part 2 to complete the beautiful drama. Part 1 is really good but just half of it, why can’t you do the part 2 to make it complete? Netflix please renew this series, it’s ashamed not doing it, it’s one of your popular series and many viewers favorite. Please!

  12. This movie was clean and void if excess negativity. The friendship between young seo and ha ri was amazing. These two had previously acted “School 2017” 5 years ago and I love their chemistry in ABP. The vibe was beautiful and I enjoyed it. It’s sad that it came to an end but all good things must. It would be nice to have a S2 with only 12 episodes too but it’s also fine if we don’t get it. I mean there’s beauty in his it ended regardless.

    Just like how squid game should have been left at S1. The nerve to renew it for S2 is beyond me

  13. I 😍 this story and am disappointed there is no plans for more of the story. I have no problems reading subtitles and have seen a few of the other Korean stories and have loved them! I’ve just read how popular the Korean shows are on Netflix and I agree 🥰

  14. I like the 12th episode but it didn’t seem like the last one! Maybe it’s because usually there 16 episodes… but we need to witness parents and the family meeting each other, the wedding, Sung’s new company… we need more !!!!!!

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