Bulgasal Episode 6 Recap: Lee Jin-uk Fights the Water Monster

Bulgasal: Immortal Soul, or 불가살/Bulgasal, is a fantasy-thriller Korean drama created by Jang Young-woo, Kwon So-ra, and Seo Jea-won and stars Lee Jin-uk, Kwon Na-ra, and Lee Joon, alongside other cast members. There are 16 episodes, and Bulgasal episode 6 has a runtime of 73 minutes.

Netflix describes the series as:

Cursed since birth and exempt from death, a revenge-driven immortal sets out on a quest to reclaim his soul and end a 600-year-old vendetta.

– Bulgasal episode 6 recap contains major spoilers –

Threats, threats and more threats. Bulgasal episode 6 starts with Eul-tae threatening Hwal to hurt more people if he doesn’t bring Sang-un to him. Oh, and also – Sang-un is their enemy. Anyway, more half information to Ho-yeol later, Hwal asks him to find out which reservoir around that area has more drowning accidents. Ho-yeol finds it out and Hwal and Sang-un go out to find him.

The next sequence has them chase the monster around, with a repetition of what happened 600 years ago. Well, a memory from 6600 years ago. It’s cool as hell, especially when the monster swims underwater. Anyway, Sang-un tries to find Si-ho and is, shockingly, able to do so. As soon as she finds her, the monster attacks her. After throwing him off, she goes off alone to fend the monster. I am unsure what the point of that was, but sure.

bulgasal episode 6
Still From Bulgasal episode 6

Hwal fights the monster and almost drowns but Sang-un finds him and gets him out. With the monster dead, the two sisters drive him back home. Back home, Hwal tries to rearrange his broken leg rather painfully while Si-ho and Sang-un have a tearful reunion.

 Eul-tae is obviously not happy with the outcome and the scene where he murders the driver is probably the highlight of the episode. Lee Joon does a phenomenal job at bringing this horrible character to life. Plus, his reach higher up is shocking but expected.

bulgasal episode 6
Still From Bulgasal episode 6

As everyone sits around to eat, Ho-yeol asks Hwal to let him in on the action. He wants to catch the Bulgasal because he’s a murderer, but he doesn’t tell Hwal that his sister was murdered by the Bulgasal when they were young. Plus, Ho-yeol starts to suspect that he knows Si-ho from somewhere, but is unsure from where.

Sang-un wants to go home to get her stuff but Hwal forbids her. He tells her that Eul-tae will wait for her at her home so going there is out of the question. This turns out to be true – Eul-tae is going through her stuff and is shocked to find “the sword that can kill Bulgasal” written there. He realizes what Sang-un is trying to do.

bulgasal episode 6
Still From Bulgasal episode 6

Hwal and Sang-un have a slightly heated conversation when she realizes that he has been tracking her throughout generations. When she asks him whether he has any proof that she was Bulgasal, he tells her that she should have the scar of her shoulder. Unfortunately for him, she wasn’t born with the scar. Rather, Sang-yeon was. Hwal cannot believe what she is saying and asks her what she is scheming.

Bulgasal episode 6: What’s Next?

bulgasal episode 6
Still From Bulgasal episode 6

The next episode promises ways that the pair try to come up with to kill Eul-tae. Si-ho helps them but will it be enough? There’s going to be death as well and Hwal will try to make Sang-un remember her past lives so that she can remember how to kill the Bulgasal.

Bulgasal episode 6 is somewhat ok. There are moments that were thrilling, like when they kill the monster underwater. However, apart from that and Eul-tae murdering that guy in his dungeon, there’s very little action. Now that we know that Ho-yeol has some role to play, I am still waiting to understand Do-yun’s role, other than being cute and making jokes. The series started off quite interestingly but is now dragging a bit. Hopefully, it will be able to come out of the rut soon.

Bulgasal: Immortal Souls is streaming on Netflix.

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Bulgasal episode 6 has some interesting moments but is mostly quite bland.

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Bulgasal Episode 6 Recap: Lee Jin-uk Fights the Water MonsterBulgasal episode 6 has some interesting moments but is mostly quite bland.