Bulgasal Episode 3 Recap: Lee Jin-uk Finally Finds Kwon Na-ra?

Bulgasal: Immortal Soul, or 불가살/Bulgasal, is a fantasy-thriller Korean drama created by Jang Young-woo, Kwon So-ra, and Seo Jea-won and stars Lee Jin-uk, Kwon Na-ra, and Lee Joon, alongside other cast members. There are 16 episodes, and Bulgasal episode 3 has a runtime of 74 minutes.

Netflix describes the series as:

Cursed since birth and exempt from death, a revenge-driven immortal sets out on a quest to reclaim his soul and end a 600-year-old vendetta.

– Bulgasal episode 3 recap contains major spoilers –

Sang-un comes back to her old house and mourns the loss of her family in Bulgasal episode 3. Standing there, she thinks back to the events that unfolded 15 years ago. Meanwhile, Hwa is also trying to find Sang-un, who has run away through the hole in the wall. Trying to find her, he comes across two policemen and disappears through the window. The two come face to face with each other but Sang-un is safe this time around.

She tries to get help from Si-ho but unfortunately, that doesn’t work out in her favour as she refuses to come home. Sang-un thinks back to when they went to live with Sang-yeon’s sister and Si-ho had accused her of bringing the Bulgasal. In the present, Sang-un is wracked with guilt as she wonders how she can kill the Bulgasal.

Meanwhile, Hwal is frustrated after not being able to catch hold of Sang-un and comes back home to obsessively call every detective he has put to the task of finding her. However, after 2 years of searching, nothing has happened. Hwal promises to find her before the other monsters do. Meanwhile, Sang-un remembers what her sister had told her – that she needs to find the sword that killed her 600 years ago to kill Hwal with.

At a store, she is intrigued when she hears news of a sword but realizes that it’s not the one that she is trying to find. At the bus stop, her hand starts to tremble and she remembers her sister telling her that it’s an indication of the monsters of the past whom she recognizes. She spots one also looking at her and runs away to save herself. After trapping him, she realizes that it’s the same guy she met on the bus 15 years ago (you know, the creep who smelled a child vigorously).

Meanwhile, Hwal gets a copy of a murderer’s profile from another PI. He is also a monster, apparently, and is kidnapping and killing people. The same guy is facing off against Do-yoon who tries to beat him up for abducting orphans. However, Do-yoon gets beaten up instead and is almost taken by the murderer when he comes across Hwal. Hwal beats him up and takes him hostage. Hwal questions him about Sang-un but he acts like he doesn’t know anything.

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Anyway, he finally gets Sang-un’s hair tie from her apartment, when he is holed up with the murderer in Bulgasal episode 3 and is able to get a glimpse into her life through it (I think). After getting stabbed and then killing the guy, he goes to meet the PI and tells him where to find Sang-un. The PI gives the case to an acquaintance, Detective Kwon, the guy who had initially looked into Sang-un’s family’s murder. He is intrigued as his past comes back to haunt him and although he asks who the client is, the PI refuses to tell him.

Kwon Ho-yeol has his own hangups with the Bulgasal. His sister, I am guessing, was murdered by Hwal when he was a child and she, too, told him the same thing that Sang-un had told him. Ho-yeol hasn’t been able to solve the case, nor apprehend the suspect, and after all these years, the realization becomes all-consuming. Meanwhile, Hwal finds Do-yool in the trunk of the monster’s car and asks him to scoot when the PI tells him to check out a laundry factory over the phone.

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Hwal tries to find her in different laundry factories and hits the jackpot. He gets her address and asks the PI to check it out, all the while Sang-un is right in front of him. He doesn’t recognize her though, as she’s wearing a PPE, and helps her out with carrying carpets. He realizes too late that she’s actually the one he’s searching for and rushes back to find her. Meanwhile, the bus guy is back again to terrorise her at the laundry.

However, this time, she gets a moment of awakening from her old life and slices up the guy good. However, when she comes to, she becomes a potato again and is almost stabbed by the monsters when Hwal saves her. A fight ensues and after getting rid of him, Hwal looks at a concerned Sang-un like she’s a snack that he’s been waiting to eat. Things take a weird turn when she touches his face and is confronted with weird images that he apparently cannot place. Things take a turn when Si-ho arrives there, in Bulgasal episode 3, and Hwal is shocked to learn that she is a spitting image of his dead wife.

Final Thoughts: Bulgasal Episode 3

Bulgasal episode 3 is, again, quite the thrilling episode. When a rush to find his mortal enemy and then getting blindsided by her and her sister, Hwal’s journey looks to get more complicated and I’m here for it. There’s much to look forward to here, considering that Hwal will probably try to protect Sang-un just to not break Si-ho’s heart yet again. What will happen to his revenge now? In other news, the episode has some weird slow-motion scenes that come out of the blue and for no reason. I am confused as to why Hwal stopping the car in front of his house would require slow-mo, but what do I know. Just looks odd.

Bulgasal: Immortal Souls is streaming on Netflix.

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Bulgasal episode 3 is quite the entertainer and promises to complicate Hwal's life in more ways than one.


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