Bulgasal Episode 16 Recap: Kwon Na-ra and Lee Jin-uk In Happily Ever After?

Bulgasal: Immortal Souls, or 불가살/Bulgasal, is a fantasy-thriller Korean drama created by Jang Young-woo, Kwon So-ra, and Seo Jea-won and stars Lee Jin-uk, Kwon Na-ra, Kim Woo-seok and Lee Joon, alongside other cast members. There are 16 episodes, and Bulgasal episode 16 has a runtime of 70 minutes.

Netflix describes the series as:

Cursed since birth and exempt from death, a revenge-driven immortal sets out on a quest to reclaim his soul and end a 600-year-old vendetta.

– Bulgasal episode 16 recap contains major spoilers –

Bulgasal episode 16 starts way in the beginning – 1000 years ago. Thank god because we really need answers to these burning questions!

A couple on the verge of execution asks their little daughter to run away with her infant brother. However, after their parents are slain, the little one falls right into Bulgasal Sang-un’s hands. She’s a kind soul and wins over the kids immediately. Hwal, however, does seem a bit scary to them but he is mostly harmless. She leaves the two at Hye-seok’s place, much to Sang-un’s heartbreak. As the seasons roll around, the kids have grown up quite a bit and are almost eaten by a Monster one day 5 years later in the woods when Sang-un rescues the now 5-year-old boy.

During this interaction, she gets to know that the villagers and the boy cough a lot. Meanwhile, Hwal tells Sang-un that he is afraid that her infatuation with those kids is going to result in her leaving him. Although Sang-un promises that that will never happen, it seems like she has some sadness with her way of life. That night, she goes off to leave herbs at the kids’ doorstep but they invite her in with open arms. Sang-un is enchanted by the offer and stays with them.

bulgasal episode 16

Hwal, however, is unhappy with this. Being abandoned by your lover is definitely not easy. His waiting turns into years and before long it’s been 10 years. The kids turn out to be Si-ho and Do-yun. While out in the woods, they come across Eul-tae, who is still a bad person 1000 years ago. As he is about to kill them, Sang-un stops him but gives away her real identity. Eul-tae is Ho-yeol’s son in this era and is filled with hatred.

Either way, after Ho-yeol’s younger son dies (presumably killed by Eul-tae?), he blames it on Sang-un. Of course, the king is furious and stabs Sang-un that night in front of her entire family. As she is about to be beheaded, things take a very dark turn as Hwal gets there from the mountains. Sang-un wakes up later to find the entire village in flames and Hye-seok dead. Hwal asks Sang-un to come back with him but she refuses.

Angry, he tries to ask her why she would choose humans over him? Before he can do that though, Si-ho, Do-yun and Ho-yeol stab him after which Hwal curses them all – Ho-yeol will lose his arm, Si-ho won’t be able to have children and Do-yun will be blind. Just as he is about to kill Do-yun, disgusted by Hwal’s wrath, Sang-un stabs herself, effectively killing them both. Hwal, however, promises revenge on everyone.

bulgasal episode 16

As everyone is left for dead and Hwal is on the brink of it, he catches hold of Eul-tae. The latter takes him with him in order to wield his power. It results in Ho-yeol stabbing Do-yun and Hwal taking Eul-tae’s soul and turning him into a Bulgasal.

And thus, our story starts.

Back in the present, Eul-tae is not having a good time. After slapping Sang-un a bit, he exclaims that he refuses to become human again. On the other hand, drinking Ho-yeol’s blood, Hwal remembers everything and faces off against Eul-tae in the cave where he lived 1000 years ago. Well, it’s more of a discussion where Eul-tae asks Hwal to drink as much of his blood as he can so that he can become a Monster again, as in how he was 1000 years ago.

Hwal refuses and both he and Sang-un get beat by Eul-tae, who tries to murder Sang-un. This does not go well with Hwal, who attacks and drains Eul-tae of his blood. And to end it all off stabs him in the heart. Sang-un tries to call out to Hwal, but Eul-tae tells her that now that Hwal has consumed blood, there’s no turning back for him. Unfortunately, though, Hwal stabs himself and tells Sang-un that he must die to undo the curse that he inflicted on everyone in the past.

bulgasal episode 16
Still From Bulgasal Episode 16

He continues to tell her that he shouldn’t have sought her out in this life since it has brought nothing but misery to her. However, now that he is dying, all of them will be happier in this life and the lives to come. An inconsolable Sang-un promises to find him in the next life, although Hwal reminds her that Bulgasal cannot reincarnate. She promises to do so regardless.

Well, after that tearful goodbye, another tearful reunion awaits in Bulgasal finale when Sang-un tells Si-ho and Do-yun that the others are dead. Sang-un, too, doesn’t look like she’s doing too well and after telling Si-ho to have a big family and fetch Ho-yeol’s body, Si-ho watches everything that happened with Eul-tae through Sang-un’s memories after which Sang-un, too, dies.

bulgasal episode 16
Still From Bulgasal Episode 16

After their funerals are over, Do-yun asks Si-ho to stay strong in Hwal’s house and wait for the others to reincarnate.

8 months later, Si-ho has given birth to a baby girl and is staying happily in the house with Do-yun. As time passes and everyone grows up and old, gets married and have more kids, Si-ho stays back at Hwal’s home in hopes of Sang-un and Hwal returning to the home. She finally finds her 50 years later – Sang-un has reincarnated and Si-ho sends her a picture of the house, which makes her cry out of the blue.

She visits the address and finds Hwal there. The two don’t remember each other, but both can feel something familiar. That last scene is so hopeful.

Final Thoughts: Bulgasal episode 16

Thank god for those answers! Bulgasal episode 16 ends with lots of love and hope. Although we don’t definitively see something blossoming between Sang-un and Hwal, I am sure something will cook soon, considering the way they were looking at each other.

bulgasal episode 16
Still From Bulgasal Episode 16

Now, talking about the 1000-years-ago saga, I think they did a great job of tying everything together. The whys and the hows are done well and all the pieces fit together really nicely. We realise why Sang-un stabbed Hwal 600 years ago, why Eul-tae was behind him and why Hwal murdered everyone 1000 years ago. As it turns out, Hwal was a controlling prick but then again, I guess things change when you and your partner are immortal.

Now, coming to the fights between Hwal and Eul-tae and that part – I was totally underwhelmed. They really could not create any sort of tension in those parts whatsoever and I was more interested to watch who backstabbed whom than Eul-tae and Hwal constantly talking about mundane stuff.

As a whole, Bulgasal episode 16 wraps up nicely. It’s a good finale episode and an interesting series with some solid characters and character development. However, after all is said and done, it does leave you feeling a bit underwhelmed somewhere.

Bulgasal: Immortal Souls is streaming on Netflix.

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Bulgasal episode 16 will answer all your questions, but will leave you just a tiny bit underwhelmed somewhere.


  1. I thought they could have done abit more. I wanted Do-yun, Hye-seok, Si-ho, and detective Kwon to also find out how all of them are tied to each other. I wanted them to be let in on the truths of what happened to them in their past lives 600 and 1000 years ago. And as for the ending, I wanted all of them to meet again (tho that is inferred) but I wanted to see the gang back together. Overall this wrapped up pretty nicely. Soooo many twists and emotional roller coasters. But Hye-Seok prophecy was that the soul will go back to its owner. I was abit confused about that as I thought it meant back to Eul-tae. Idk but I love this show. To be honest, everything is Hwal’s fault. And to me, that was one of the biggest plot twists IMO. To find out that the curse, the revenge etc is because of Hwal. Orrrrr Eul-tae??? Hehe I can’t seem to pick who to blame. I think this show is recommendable❤️

    Thank you for all your reviews on this show. Though it’s not physical, I did feel like I had someone I could talk to or vent to when it came to this show. Looking forward to more of your posts!!

    • I still have a question.

      1. If Hwal 1000 yrs ago got Eul tae soul and die as a human, then reincarnated Hwal has Eul tae soul, which was then transferred to Bulgasal Sang un. Therefore, its Eul tae soul that was at Sang uns body.

      2. What is Sang un doing at incident 600 years ago when Eul tae killed Hwals family. Is she the one who stabbed Hwal or is it Eul tae who turned him back to bulgasal and sang un tried to stab him..? I think Sang un is the one who got his soul and turned him as bulgasal? Why does Eul tae claim that he is the one did that.

      • I know you didn’t ask me, but jumping into the comment train!

        1. Yes to the first question.
        2. I think Sang-un didn’t die 1000 years ago. I think she always stayed close to Do-yun and Si-ho because she loved them as her own kids 1000 years ago. So, she was there when they got killed by Eul-tae. Bulgasal Hwal took Eul-tae’s soul and became human. He again became Bulgasal when Sang-un stabbed him and took Eul-tae’s soul from him. I think that’s how it went. I guess Eul-tae was just fibbing.

      • Eul-tae didnt want to become human again so the only way to make Hwal Bulgasal would be to get Sang-Un to make him Bulgasal as she is the only other Bulgasal they know.

        So his plan was to kill the people Sang-Un loved and was watching to get her and Hwal in conflict. He then expected that he and Hwal would kill Sang-Un and fix his dark hole and live happily ever after but did not count on Hwal forming bonds with humans.

    • Thank you for commenting on my posts! I always come back to my previous recaps to see what your opinion is and reply to you!!

      And about the prophecy thing, I think get it either. Was it that Hwal would remember everything after drinking human blood? I am not sure. The story is so complicated that I guess they are bound to miss something or the other. Or maybe it’s just me who didn’t get it.
      Either way, I liked the ending although I feel like there was that punch missing from it.

      • My speculation would be he remembered because it was Kwon’s blood ie someone connected to his past. The blood served as a conduit for their shared history.

  2. Hwal was not really a controlling prick as he did not intervene as Sang-Un left him and raised Si-Ho and Do-yun. He only went berserk when humans harmed the person he loved which was foreshadowed when he nearly killed the Detective who helped kidnap Si-ho, Do-Yun and Mrs. Lee.

    The tragedy was ultimately the result of human prejudice. Detective Kwon and the villagers essentially assumed the worst about Sang-Un and was about to behead her and did not give her or her family a chance to explain themselves.

    Sang-Un then failed to see things from Hwal’s perspective and blamed him for protecting her and not the mob justice that was about to behead her.

    What changed this go around is that Detective Kwon after an initial betrayal decided he would trust Hwal. And this time around Sang-Un was able to stop Hwal before he went berserk. And finally that Hwal was able to control his rage and sacrifice himself to end the curse. Each of them had grown in away not apparent 1000 years ago.

    • Yes, I like their redeeming arc. It was nice. But I think it was a problem with all of them. Hwal isn’t really without fault because he looked down on humans and that, I feel, made Sang-un feel like she couldn’t go to him with her hopes and desires with regards to raising a child (I guess). Either way, it was Eul-tae’s fault for the shitshow to go down since he lied to Ho-yeol about who killed his son. And what would you do when your son is dead and you realise that an immortal, blood-sucking person is living next to you. I know it’s wrong, but I understand the fear of finding something like this out, especially at the time when it was based.

      • Right that is just it. Humans at the time when it was based were in large part petty and superstitious people. He knew they would never accept Sang-Un and he was proven right when they tried to behead her.

        Even if Eul-tae did not implicate her in a crime they would have tried to kill her once they found out what she was. Hence why Mrs Lee told her to cover up when she was going to the village.

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Bulgasal episode 16 will answer all your questions, but will leave you just a tiny bit underwhelmed somewhere.Bulgasal Episode 16 Recap: Kwon Na-ra and Lee Jin-uk In Happily Ever After?