Bulgasal Episode 13 Recap: Lee Jin-uk Embraces His Dark Side?

Bulgasal: Immortal Soul, or 불가살/Bulgasal, is a fantasy-thriller Korean drama created by Jang Young-woo, Kwon So-ra, and Seo Jea-won and stars Lee Jin-uk, Kwon Na-ra, Kim Woo-seok and Lee Joon, alongside other cast members. There are 16 episodes, and Bulgasal episode 13 has a runtime of 62 minutes.

Netflix describes the series as:

Cursed since birth and exempt from death, a revenge-driven immortal sets out on a quest to reclaim his soul and end a 600-year-old vendetta.

– Bulgasal episode 13 recap contains major spoilers –

After that scary smirk from the last episode, Sang-un tearfully tells a stabbed Hwal that she had seen a flashback of Hwal murdering people and there were bodies strewn around him. She tried to stab him, but it went through his right hand and that’s how he got that scar. In response, a confused Hwal said that he used to dream that she was the one murdering people. So much confusion all around!

Meanwhile, Eul-tae is having a mental breakdown at Hwal’s rejection – how could Hwal turn his back to him for a woman? He, thus, hires someone to kill Sang-un and promises to drag “someone” down to hell. On the other hand, Sang-un and Hwal have a discussion about her flashback and Hwal realises that she will remember her past soon, thanks to the scar that she now has. He also says that she will hate him too, just like all her previous births.

bulgasal episode 13
Still From Bulgasal episode 13

Either way, while dressing up her wound, Hwal touches her and she has another flashback. In that flashback, she sees her and Hwal in a relationship when she gets smitten by a bunch of kids. Another flashback shows Hwal telling a blood-soaked Sang-un that he despises her and then Eul-tae talking to Hwal, who is sitting on the ground after being stabbed a lot. In the present, she doesn’t tell Hwal what she saw although he asks her repeatedly and there’s a very clear tension in the air in between them.

Meanwhile, Ho-yeol is out looking into Eul-tae’s hideouts and reaches the last one where he’s at. Of course, he doesn’t meet Eul-tae but he does meet Min-su, the hired killer from earlier. In the house, Sang-un asks Hwal to take his soul from her, it’s not too late. However, he tells her that he will end this once and for all and she will be free. Unfortunately, though, the police swoop into their house and take Si-ho, Do-yun and Hye-suk. Yeah, they’re probably going to be killed.

bulgasal episode 13
Still From Bulgasal episode 13

Everyone realises that Eul-tae has taken them somewhere. Hwal and Sang-un rush to find their family and Ho-yeol, too, figures out where everything is taking place. Meanwhile, at Eul-tae’s hideout, his hire for murder guy beats the shit out of Si-ho, Do-yun and Hye-suk but shockingly the latter gives Eul-tae a prophecy, that his dark hole will be filled by the spirit that will emerge from it. The prophecy is spooky and intriguing and points towards Eul-tae murdering his father at some point. Eul-tae is shocked and injures her badly.

Turns out that Hye-suk is taking her last few breaths, thanks to Eul-tae. When Hwal and Sang-un get there later, they find Ho-yeol badly beaten and Hye-suk lying dead in a pool of blood. Hwal is pissed and is (literally) seeing red as he beats up the police officers to get his family’s location. Although Ho-yeol and Sang-un protest at Hwal’s transformation, he remains adamant that he’s going to kill anyone who hurts his family.

Sang-un implores him to not become like Eul-tae, but his face shows otherwise.

Final thoughts: Bulgasal episode 13

bulgasal episode 13
Still From Bulgasal episode 13

Bulgasal episode 13 starts the grisly deaths of its characters and I am sure more are to follow. If the sneak peek is to be believed, Si-ho and Do-yun might just die in the next episode. I must say that the confusing storyline that the creators have brought forward in this series is remarkable and it’s just one reveal after another. The more we get to know about the past, the worse it gets! It’s an entertaining watch through and through and I can’t wait to know the truth in the upcoming three episodes.

I must say here that I am disappointed that Hwal never really shows much of a heartbreak for Hye-suk’s death. He goes straight to “tell me where my family is” but never grieves for her loss. For all it’s worth, it would’ve been nice to see him showing at least some sadness for her – she was the one who essentially kept this dysfunctional family together.

Bulgasal: Immortal Souls is streaming on Netflix.

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Bulgasal episode 13 is heartbreaking and intriguing, thanks to some very cryptic flashbacks.


  1. I just finished ep14 and you’ll get your wish. Hwal’s grief towards Hye-suk is actually one of the most heartbreaking scenes in Kdrama history. Gosh I feel for this drama. When I say I am in tears, it’s not an understatement. The complexity of this storyline is beyond what I have seen in the past and believe me, I’ve seen quite a few reincarnation dramas. It’s not an easy task to deliver such a complex storyline and still make it really really good. In my list of fav kdramas, this show ranks up pretty high right next to Goblin.

    With only a few more episodes to go, I fear that they might rush the ending, as it looks like there are still so many unanswered question. But even if that’s the case, 1 episode of quick wrap ups will not overshadow 13 episodes of awesomeness. I really love this show.

    • I think if they dedicate one episode to discussing the different timelines then it might just answer all of the questions. I think the boss fight will be handled in a few minutes since I have noticed that the action sequences have not been satisfactory in the series in general. Either way, I mentioned in the episode 14 recap as well, and I agree, Hwal’s realisation that Hye-suk actually meant something to him was heartbreaking and the fact that it came to him after her death breaks my heart even more.

      Also, glad that you’re back for this recap as well! Thanks for reading 🙂

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Bulgasal episode 13 is heartbreaking and intriguing, thanks to some very cryptic flashbacks.Bulgasal Episode 13 Recap: Lee Jin-uk Embraces His Dark Side?