Bulgasal Episode 10 Recap: Does Kim Woo-seok Survive This?

Bulgasal: Immortal Soul, or 불가살/Bulgasal, is a fantasy-thriller Korean drama created by Jang Young-woo, Kwon So-ra, and Seo Jea-won and stars Lee Jin-uk, Kwon Na-ra, Kim Woo-seok and Lee Joon, alongside other cast members. There are 16 episodes, and Bulgasal episode 10 has a runtime of 62 minutes.

Netflix describes the series as:

Cursed since birth and exempt from death, a revenge-driven immortal sets out on a quest to reclaim his soul and end a 600-year-old vendetta.

– Bulgasal episode 10 recap contains major spoilers –

Ah, the heartbreaking revelation from last episode. Totally broke my heart and apparently Hwal’s as well. Meanwhile, Do-yun is picked up by Secretary Kim who tells him that she knows where his brother is. Anyway, Hwal rushes to Eul-tae’s home to get Do-yun but not before asking Sang-un and Si-ho to get out of his home and stay safe from Eul-tae.

Meanwhile, Eul-tae has reached Hwal’s place and for some godforsaken reason, Si-ho is at home. Eul-tae and Si-ho, weirdly, have a very calm discussing regarding where Sang-un is considering he’s there to abduct Sang-un. There’s a weird tension in the air as you know what Eul-tae is capable of but his calmness is totally infuriating as well as alarming and, oddly, very non-threatening.

Unsurprisingly, Sang-un is sitting in Hwal’s cupboard and crying pretty hard – so hard that Eul-tae almost hears her. So, thank god Hwal gets there in time and ushers him away to talk. Anyway, the Monster scare makes Sang-un feel that this has gone on for too long and that Si-ho shouldn’t be a part of this constant anxiety. On the other hand, Hwal crashes his car with Eul-tae after which the latter looks pretty mangled up but of course, isn’t quite dead.

bulgasal episode 10
Still From Bulgasal Episode 10

Anyway, in the midst of Eul-tae discussing Hwal’s priorities, the latter gets a call from Secretary Kim who tells him that she has Do-yun with her and that she will kill him. The news comes as a shock to both the Bulgasals. Either way, Eul-tae asks Hwal to first look into the 2001 Hyeongrim-dong case and that he will help find Do-yun. Back at home, everyone hurriedly asks Hwal what is going on. When he suggests hiding Si-ho and Sang-un, the latter volunteers to go alone instead of taking everyone with her.

After going through the case files that Eul-tae had told Hwal to go through, they located where Secretary Kim, i.e., where Dueoksini could be. At Mount Padu, Dueoksini fills Do-yun’s head with lies against Eul-tae. Meanwhile, Hwal goes through some heavy emotions at not recognising who Do-yun is from the first minute. He put him in danger 600 years ago due to his thoughtlessness and laments that the same thing is happening again, this time around.

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Either way, Eul-tae calls to tell him where he is headed and asks Hwal to meet him there. He also promises to not hurt Sang-un until they find Do-yun. On his way, Eul-tae also picks up a slightly scared Ho-yeol and promises to not kill him.

That night, in Bulgasal episode 10, Hwal enters the Monster’s forest while Ho-yeol searches Dueoksini’s husband’s home. In the forest, Hwal and Sang-un face off against Dueoksini and her husband, who is also a Monster. Hwal tries to murder Dueoksini and Sang-un tries to find out where they hid Do-yun. Hwal then quickly gets rid of the husband but not before Sang-un learns where Do-yun is.

bulgasal episode 10
Still From Bulgasal Episode 10

As all of this is going on in Bulgasal episode 10, Dueoksini, bloodied and bruised, is met with Eul-tae. The former tells him that she told Do-yun something interesting about Hwal which has practically sealed his fate – that now Eul-tae has to kill Do-yun. Either way, Eul-tae gets rid of Dueoksini and remembers the night where Dan Sol and A-chan were killed. Of course, he had something to do with it, something that Do-yun now knows.

Meanwhile, Do-yun wakes up and calls Hwal and the two have an emotional conversation. You know emotional conversations like this are sure to end in tragedy. As he’s about to tell Hwal what Dueoksini had told him, Eul-tae gets there and breaks his phone. He asks him what his Monster secretary had told him and Do-yun tells him that he had apparently killed him and his mother in their past lives. Although Do-yun doesn’t understand the implications, Eul-tae tearfully does and before he can know about his brother, Eul-tae stabs and kills him and leaves him for dead on the street.

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Hwal is beyond himself as he finds his son, once again murdered. Ho-yeol and Sang-un are heartbroken as well. Hwal keeps repeating that he needs to live this time around and that he can’t die on his father once again, as the paramedics rush in.

Summing up: Bulgasal episode 10

bulgasal episode 10
Still From Bulgasal Episode 10

With a lot of running around here and there to find Do-yun and murder Monsters, Bulgasal’s latest episode is heartbreaking and ends on a cliffhanger. Will Do-yun live? Moreover, what will Hwal do now? If the sneak peek is any indication, it seems like Hwal is all set to rip Eul-tae’s throat out. The next episode will feature some Monster fighting madness, which will hopefully be more fast-faced. This episode, too, ends on a satisfying note. I liked the direction Do-yun’s character took. Although I felt like he was totally an unnecessary addition at first, he’s now a very important piece of this messy puzzle.

The next episode also hints that Sang-un should not trust Hwal fully just yet, after Si-ho peeks into her soul. What does that mean though? As far as we know, Hwal hasn’t done anything bad. And although it has been proven that Eul-tae had definitely murdered Sol and A-chan, did Hwal also murder someone? Or is Si-ho experiencing a cross-connection? Well, we’ll just have to wait and find out.

Bulgasal: Immortal Souls is streaming on Netflix.

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Bulgasal episode 10 is once again an emotionally charged episode, one that ends on a rather sad cliffhanger.


  1. Yes, we know that Hwal hasn’t done anything bad but don’t forget that he was born cursed for something he did to Bulgasal in his past life. This is what started this whole merry go round. So I think we are about to find out why Min Sang-un, in her past life as bulgasal, cursed Hwal.

    • Yes! I like how they kept that part under wraps so well for so long. I am really excited to learn what it’s about now that they are hinting at it.

      • I was thinking maybe where did Min sang woon original soul go. When she was a Bulgasal ,he was a human and now he is a Bulgasal and she kept recantating . It’s like there are sharing a soul and going marry go around again a
        And again

    • I think that they were like the king and queen of the monsters and were lovers and have loved each other for all eternity. Except in his last life he kept a grudge on her when all she’s wanted is to live with him like a norMal human being.

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Bulgasal episode 10 is once again an emotionally charged episode, one that ends on a rather sad cliffhanger.Bulgasal Episode 10 Recap: Does Kim Woo-seok Survive This?