BTS Signs New Deal With Universal Music Group, Says Goodbye To Sony?

The Korean boyband BTS has been on the rise with a recent collaboration with Coldplay and having their track ‘Friends’ on the OST of Marvel’s ‘Eternals’, making them shine. In recent news, it was rumoured that the band is planning to leave Sony Music’s Columbia Records. This uncanny news comes after a three-year partnership the group has served with the label. it was, in fact, Sony Music’s Columbia Records that the group first signed a deal with in terms of music distribution in the United States back in 2018.

In the light of this departure, the band seems to have already signed a new deal with a music company that has been responsible for the rise of pop culture and has a client base that includes Taylor Swift, Kanye West, Lana Del Rey and k-pop boy group SEVENTEEN.

BTS: A New Deal With Universal Music Group

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It is official now that BTS has inked a deal with Universal Music Group for distribution and marketing their music within the U.S. and other regions. Prior to this deal, Universal Music Group was already responsible for distributing BTS’s Japanese-language releases under the partnership with Universal Music Japan.

Earlier this year HYBE and Universal had announced a strategic partnership to soon take place that would include the debut by BTS. HYBE now officially confirms this news in a statement to the Wall Street Journal: “While we greatly appreciate our time with Sony and will forever be grateful for all they have done and will continue to do, we look forward to our new chapter in partnership with Universal.”

The financial arrangement of the deal has not been disclosed from either the side of Universal Music Group or Columbia Records. To more about BTS visit their website by clicking here.

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