BTS Proof Review: A Nostalgic Journey Exhibiting Group’s Artistic Growth

BTS made their much-awaited comeback after last year’s single Permission To Dance. BTS Proof is the latest anthology album released on 10th June 2022 ahead of the group’s Ninth Debut Anniversary. This marked the group’s first album after 2019’s BE. The group has been breaking various music records since 2016 and in the past two years, they have become undisputed kings of the charts and the music industry. Starting as teenagers in 2013, the group members have explored the different styles of music as they grew up and matured. The group’s distinct discography is the proof of their growth and hence, the name of their anthology album is rightful.

The group has called this anthology album the end of the first chapter in their career and the beginning of a new one. The anthology album has 48 songs in total starting from their debut to the recent singles. The album is divided into three CDs, the first one having all the title tracks, the second one with solo tracks and unit tracks, while the third CD is a special one, only available in physical format. The last CD has demo tracks and unreleased tracks as a special gift to their ARMY.

BTS Proof
Picture from BTS 9th Anniversary Festa

BTS Proof Tracklist

The album begins with Born Singer, a song that the group had remade from J. Cole’s Born Sinner. The song which was never released officially was already popular among the fans and became an emotional beginning to the album. The lines I Feel Alive Although It’s Hard And Tough/ I Can Handle It Cause You’re Supporting Me/ I Can Stand The Pain Cause I Can Hear Shouting My Name clearly shows how the group feel toward their fans. After the first surprise track, all of the group’s title tracks have been listed in order. As per SUGA, the list has been made with a thought in mind and it is best to listen in the given order.

No More Dream from their debut EP 2 Kool 4 Skool followed by N.O. from O!RUL8,2? both from 2013. The title track Boy In Luv is from the last EP in the Skool trilogy, Skool Luv Affair. The debut series showed a powerful hip-hop side of the group and their first full-length album, 2014’s Dark & Wild introduced the R&B and Alternative Rock side of the group. I NEED YOU, RUN and Burning Up (FIRE) from the iconic and career-altering album series The Most Beautiful Moment In Life gave them recognition in their own country for the first time.

BTS Yet To Come
BTS Proof Concept Photo

Come next to the new era for BTS with Blood, Sweat & Tears from 2016’s Wings. The album broke many records in the Korean Music Industry and in the same era, the group established their name firmly in their home country, three years after their debut. This Moombahton trap song still remains one of the most iconic songs in the history of K-pop. Right afterwards in 2017, Spring Day was released. This song comforted people around the world and the Koreans’ love for the song is undying as it has never dropped out of the charts in the past five years.

DNA, FAKE LOVE and IDOL from the Love Yourself series brought the group into the spotlight in 2017-18. The Map Of The Soul series started with 2019’s Boy With Luv and ended abruptly in 2020 with ON. Both the album series showed the different musical styles of the group and individuals with the solo tracks and the unit tracks. The group didn’t stop amid the pandemic and released the English singles Dynamite and Butter which skyrocketed their global popularity.

BTS Proof
BTS Proof Concept Photo

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After all the past title tracks, comes the latest track Yet To Come, a midtempo hip-hop track with amazing vocals which is a tribute to their past and a promise of a better future. RUN BTS, another latest track from the album is a brutally honest song that BTS has dedicated to themselves. In this rock/hip-hop song, the group members appreciate themselves for enduring the hardships and hype each other for going forward fearlessly. Yet another new song, FOR YOUTH is the only song from the third CD that has been released digitally.

This last song of the album is a direct message to their ARMY calling them their best friends and the group promises to stay with them for the rest of their lives.

The solo and unit tracks in the second CD have been selected by the members themselves according to what represents their career with BTS so far. RM has chosen Intro: Persona and Stay, Jin has chosen Moon and Jamais Vu, SUGA has chosen Trivia: Seesaw and BTS Cypher PT.3: KILLER while J-hope chose Outro: Ego and Her. Jimin chose Filter and Friends, V chose Singularity and Zero O’Clock and Jungkook named Euphoria and Dimple as his career-defining songs.

The physical only CD has unreleased songs like Young Love, Jump (Demo Ver.), Boy In Luv (Demo Ver.), Quotation Mark, I NEED YOU (Demo Ver.), Boyz With Fun (with Jimin), Tony Montana (Demo Ver.), Young Forever (RM Demo Ver.), DNA (J-Hope Demo Ver.), Spring Day (V Demo Ver.), Epiphany (Jin Demo Ver.), Seesaw (Demo Ver.), Still With You (Acapella).

BTS Proof Review

Proof is an emotional and nostalgic ride to the long-time fans of the group. BTS has a huge discography and there couldn’t have been a better tracklist for their first anthology album. With every title track, the group achieved a new height and gained a new set of fans. The group’s popularity increased as the group grew artistically. No two songs of BTS will sound the same as they have been experimenting with music right from their debut. With a sudden rise in their popularity in the past two years, the anthology album is a good move to introduce the new listeners to their versatile discography.

As a long-time listener of the group, the album is an absolute delight to listen to and the new listeners are bound to get surprised by the old songs of the group. The album has no skips and it will get the listeners hooked from the beginning to the end. As the album ends with the group singing I’ll Be With You For The Rest Of My Life, here’s wishing the group a lifelong success in the new chapter of their career!

Check Out BTS ‘Yet To Come’ Music Video

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BTS Proof is a nostalgic ride to the past and a tribute to their artistic journey over 9 years.

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BTS Proof Review: A Nostalgic Journey Exhibiting Group's Artistic GrowthBTS Proof is a nostalgic ride to the past and a tribute to their artistic journey over 9 years.