BTS-Coldplay’s My Universe Song Review: Transcends You to Tranquility

The much-awaited BTS-Coldplay collaboration My Universe song is now out. The K-pop and British band boys have been teasing the fans for quite some time about it. Now that it’s finally out to fans, the response to it on YouTube and social media is amazing. I have heard the songs and here’s what I think about it.

Yesterday, the musicians had released the lyrics for the song. Thankfully, I didn’t see the lyrics as I wanted to get surprised. The band has shared a lyric version of the My Universe song on YouTube. The video has a black galactic background with colourful lyrics appearing on the screen to stay true to the ‘universe’ part. The vibrant text and the upbeat music immediately captured my attention.

Both BTS and Coldplay singers’ honeyed voices make those lyrics sound 100 times better. It’s a song made for everyone to dedicate to anyone special in their life. It looks like both the bands are dedicating these songs to their respective fandom with the lines ‘You are my universe and I just want to put you first’. The 3 minutes 48 seconds song also has a rap verse by Suga and J-hope which flows in seamlessly with the rest of the track. It very smoothly transitions to a fast beat and swiftly takes us back to the soft melody that it is.

Usually, a new song takes some time to grow on you. But that’s not the case with this song. You hear it for the first time, and you feel an instant connection. You immediately get transcended into tranquillity because of the familiar, comforting and personal it sounds. It’s a song that’s made to put a smile on people’s faces and has successfully managed to do so.

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Check out the My Universe lyrics video below:

On Twitter, Army and Coldplay fans have share expressed their thoughts about the song. One person tweeted, “I’m very happy for these two groups both of them are great. This is the best collaboration I’ve ever seen.” Another wrote, “I’m just crying at this point.. this is so touching. The collaboration is the best till date.”

About the song, Chris Martin has quoted on Apple Music, “It had been in my mind for a while, BTS were wondering if we’d do a song for them. I unabashedly & unashamedly feel really grateful for the song, grateful for the person that inspired the song, & grateful for the people we sing it with.”

Did you like the song? Do let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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My Universe, the song by BTS and Coldplay, is now out. It is a sweet melody that brings a smile to your face.


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