BTS, BLACKPINK, Kim Seon Ho and Others Top September Star Brand Reputation Rankings

The ranking of September Star Brand Reputation is out and BTS tops the list followed by Young Woong and BLACKPINK. The Korean Business Research Institute took in-charge to reveal the rankings for this month and we are thrilled to see fan-favourites top the list. Looking at the list, it is well understood that the growth of their fanbase ARMY is responsible for another congratulatory win.

The rankings are determined through the analysis of various stars’ media coverage, consumer participation, interaction, and community awareness indexes ranging the collection of data from August 21 to September 21.

BTS retains their top position once again!

It was no surprise to see BTS holding onto their position of number one in the list with an index of 10,411,176. The boy band recently performed at the UN headquarters taking the internet by storm. The young UN Ambassadors also delivered their speeches on the importance of nature and changing life patterns alongside a tremendous performance.

The president of South Korea has also announced BTS as one of the most influential and loved musical artists worldwide, encouraging the band members to share their stories with the world. Meanwhile, the band is reaching new heights as they gear up to release their first-ever collaboration with Coldplay called ‘My Universe’. The release date for ‘My Universe’ is September 24, 2021.

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Other Artists in the Ranking List

Trot singer Young Woong was the second on the list with an index of 9,469,958. This was followed by BLACKPINK in the third position with an index of 7,276,683. Additionally, Lisa was ranked separately at No.10.

IU and Lee Chan Won were offered the position of fourth and fifth in the September Star Brand Reputation rankings.

The other artists that follow include:

6. Young Tak
7. Kim Seon Ho
8. Son Heung Min
9. Yoo Jae Suk
10. BLACKPINK’s Lisa
11. Kang Daniel
12. Red Velvet
13. Shin Min Ah
14. Ryu Hyun Jin
16. Girls’ Generation
17. Gong Yoo
18. Kim Yeon Koung
19. NCT
20. Red Velvet’s Joy
21. Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon
22. EXO
24. Jung Dong Won
25. Lovelyz
26. Jang Min Ho
27. SHINee
28. Baek Jong Won
29. Apink
30. Ahn Hyo Seop

That was all for the September Star Brand Reputation rankings. Congratulations to all the artists!

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