BTS Announces Solo Projects And A Break From Group Activities, Read More!

BTS just celebrated their ninth anniversary after the release of their anthology album PROOF. The Festa of this year was different as the group announced important news themselves. The group has come a long way together and now they have decided to focus on their solo activities. In ‘Jjin Bangtan Hwaishik’ or Real BTS Company Dinner Live on YouTube on 14th June, the group revealed thoughts about all these years as a group and why they want to take a break from it.

The dinner party was held on the last day at their dorm before they move out to live separately. Each member expressed their thoughts on the next chapter of their lives. The group leader RM mentioned that they are totally exhausted and do not know the direction they need to go as a group. They need personal time to reflect and grow themselves. SUGA said that it has become difficult to pen down songs because of continuously churning out songs over the years.

BTS Festa

J-Hope believes that having personal time will bring the synergy back to the group. He mentioned that the group will come back with a different style and matureness later on. To clarify, SUGA mentioned that they are not disbanding and RM joined him to announce that they will continue their own variety show Run BTS.

The members have their solo activities planned with J-Hope releasing his solo album first followed by SUGA and then Jungkook. Other members are also working on their music and Jimin and RM are most likely to follow Jungkook in the album release. Jin and V have asked the fans to wait for a little for their music as they are still working on it.

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Check Out the ‘Real BTS Company Dinner’ Video

With J-Hope headlining Lollapalooza Festival in July, his solo debut album might be around the corner. All the best to the members for their new projects.

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