Broken But Beautiful 3: Sonia Rathee on Rumi’s Selfishness, Prep for the Character

Broken But Beautiful 3, starring Sonia Rathee and Sidharth Shukla, has received rave reviews from critics and fans. The web series released on ALTBalaji last week made people fall in love with the actors’ characters – Rumi and Agastya, respectively.

Directed by Priyanka Ghose, the series marks the acting debut of Production Designer and actor Sonia Rathee. BBB 3 has an entirely new story after Vikrant Massey and Harleen Sethi kept the fans engaged with the first two seasons. Fans had many expectations of Rathee and Shukla’s threequel, and well, the actors succeeded.

LeisureByte interacted with Broken But Beautiful 3’s Rumi, aka Sonia Rathee. I asked the actor about her character Rumi and the massive positive response to her ALTBalaji show.

Broken But Beautiful 3: Sonia Rathee-Sidharth Shukla
Broken But Beautiful 3: Sonia Rathee and Sidharth Shukla

In BBB 3, Rathee’s character Rumi isn’t the most likeable one always. She’s madly in love with Ishan (Ehan Bhat) and would do anything to have him. Rumi doesn’t mind hurting her sister or even Agastya (Sidharth Shukla), who is genuinely in love with her. All she cares about is being with her childhood crush Ishan. But at times, she is in immense pain, and you want to give her a tight hug.

I asked Sonia Rathee how she managed to play a character with so many shades – selfish yet loving at times, especially as a debutant. The actor answered, “I felt the same way, especially when I was reading the script. I was like ‘what are you doing Rumi and why?’ She is very selfish at times. But yes, when I was prepping for it, Priyanka (director) and I did 2-3 weeks of workshop. We went through the script so many times that I knew my lines when we came to the sets. There were definitely times when I would question Rumi so much.

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Sonia Rathee As Rumi In Broken But Beautiful 3:

The BBB 3 actor added, “There were moments where I was just like it doesn’t make sense that why is she so selfish. It just took time for me to justify her actions and look at it from Rumi’s perspective. I needed that time and workshop to dive deep into Rumi’s character.

When asked if she related to Rumi at any point, Rathee answered, “At some point, I definitely related to Rumi. I think, especially the first time when she goes to Agastya when Ishan rejects her and chooses Myra. When you think that the family doesn’t love you enough and Ishan doesn’t love you too; you automatically run towards the one person who will give that love, acceptance and validation. I definitely experienced that in my life. I didn’t run to anyone as I had no one. But I completely understand where she was coming from.

Fans are pouring lots of love to Broken But Beautiful 3 and Agastya-Rumi, aka Rumi. Sonia Rathee is already the audience’s favourite, and showering her with lovely messages and posts on social media. When asked if she had expected such kind of reaction, the actor shared, “Honestly, I was happy that I am getting to play such a role. I am just so overwhelmed, overjoyed and grateful as I’m receiving so much love.”

Have you watched BBB 3? Did you like Sonia Rathee’s Rumi? Do let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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