Bridgerton Season 2 Review: Jonathan Bailey, Simone Ashley in a Decently Salacious Sequel

Bridgerton is a period drama series created by Chris Van Dusen and produced by Shonda Rhimes. It is based on Julia Quinn’s best-selling novels by the same name. Bridgerton season 2 stars Phoebe Dynevor, Ruth Gemmell, Jonathan Bailey, Simone Ashley, Adjoa Andoh and Julie Andrews, along with other cast members. The second reason has 8 episodes, each around an hour long.

Netflix describes the series as:

The eight close-knit siblings of the Bridgerton family look for love and happiness in London high society. Inspired by Julia Quinn’s bestselling novels.

– Bridgerton season 2 review does not contain spoilers –

Ah, we’re back. Let’s be clear with my stand right here and now – the way the last season ended, with Lady Whistledown’s identity revelation, was quite disappointing. Major sexual tension and drama aside, the thrill of wondering who could know and spill so much about the inner workings of the rich and famous was quite the sweat jerker. However, the way the series casually mentioned the truth was quite underwhelming, in my opinion.

However, that’s the least of everyone’s worries when it comes to Bridgerton. Most people had other things to worry about, namely English actor Regé-Jean Page… among other, well, heated moments. Shonda Rhimes is known for creating compelling narratives that keep you hooked throughout. The characters, the stories and everything surrounding them is so well-thought-out with the correct amount of drama that you can’t help but keep watching. Season one, with its almost 9-hour total runtime, was a breeze to go through because of these reasons.

So, does this season bring with it the same intensity that the first season dropped on us?

bridgerton season 2

Bridgerton season 2 starts off with as much enthusiasm as last season, or maybe just a smidge more. The series knows its audience and what they want and goes directly for the jugular. Selecting a diamond, getting interrupted by the elusive Lady Whisledown, Andrew’s bare ass for all to marvel at (I’m only kidding) and meeting most of the new cast. It’s delicious from the first moment, just that I’d have liked it had the pronunciation of Sharma wasn’t “Shawma”. Also, there’s the cutest, chonkiest dog the creators could find!

The first thing that I’d like to get out of the way is how amazing it is to watch Adjoa Andoh and Golda Rosheuvel this season. Andoh gets a lot of screentime and just like last season, she’s an absolute delight to witness. Her character can make even the hot-headed Kate bow down on her knees and Andoh does a splendid job at bringing that forward. Also, how can I forget Julie Andrews? Her voice is a breath of fresh air every time she comes on.

Moving on to the Sharma sisters, I must say, I am astonished and delighted. Unlike last season’s demure Daphne, this season’s diamond Edwina and her older sister Kate are delightful. Edwina is more of the quiet demure type, like last season’s diamond, but her sister is something to behold. I love Kate, her character really does bring something new to the table.

Otherwise, it’s just a lot of quiet nodding and shy smiles. Kate is ok with giving up her life to take care of her sister, a virtue I am glad to see. Often times in shows like these you see too much fighting among women and I am glad that the main female characters do not get into petty bickering over men.

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bridgerton season 2

Coming to Anthony, he’s even more insufferable than last season which is honestly shocking. Not only does he start off Bridgerton season 2 with some seriously skewered views about women and marriage, but he also has this odd complex where he considers “duty” to be the primary purpose of his life. And, I understand. In that day and age, it’s quite expected. But him thinking of himself as too high and mighty is not only annoying, but the way he speaks of women is shameful. Does he get a character arc after the initial episodes where he makes a fool of himself in front of the audience? Well, that’s for you to find out.

Last season’s Lady Whistledown, who was quite hidden behind the curtains is right out in the open this time around. We see more of the character behind Whistledown this time around and how they operate. Of course, the challenges are many this time around for our Lady, who seems to be in quite a bind thanks to those around them. I am not disclosing who Whistledown is simply for those who like to live under a rock. But if you’re here now, you might as well watch all this salacious drama unfold.

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bridgerton season 2

Another aspect that I have really enjoyed this season is how close the friendships and sibling relationships seem to be quite nice. I am glad no one is ripping each other’s hair out… except the Featheringtons but that’s really a very different ball game at this point. Either way, Penelope and Eloise’s relationship is quite sweet, however short represented. Plus, the Bridgerton siblings are absolutely a riot to hang out with, as always.

One thing I’d really be remiss if I didn’t mention is that the representation of the South Asian culture has been done rather well in this season. Kate, especially, isn’t the nerdy Indian that we usually see in Western shows these days. She is, rather, strong-willed, educated but also has other interests. She isn’t ditzy. I like her, she has more to her than just getting married. Plus, their costumes are so much better than… well, Parvati and Padma Patil (yes, I am still salty about that atrocity). Simone Ashley is worth the watch and Kate and Edwina calling each other didi and bon feels endearing and real.

Summing up: Bridgerton season 2

bridgerton season 2

For those of you out there who are expecting to watch the skin show from last season, well, you’re in for a heartbreak. There’s much sexual tension in the air, especially after episode 4, but it’s nothing close to season 1. In that respect, it’s not as fun as the last one, but is still absolutely salacious as well as gorgeous to look at.

Bridgerton season 2 is streaming on Netflix.

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Bridgerton season 2 is salacious in a lot of ways, but isn't as fun as the last season.

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Bridgerton season 2 is salacious in a lot of ways, but isn't as fun as the last season.Bridgerton Season 2 Review: Jonathan Bailey, Simone Ashley in a Decently Salacious Sequel