Bridgerton 2: Adjoa Andoh aka Lady Danbury on Intimate Scenes

Actress Adjoa Andoh, who plays Lady Danbury in the Netflix series ‘Bridgerton’, says she is not fazed by the sex scenes in the show. She said: “I wasn’t shocked. I grew up on my mum’s Georgette Heyer and Jean Plaidy library books, where I learned a lot about history and sex.”

Andoh’s character will “look fabulous and be fabulous” in the new season of the show. Although she’s remaining tight-lipped about plot details, Andoh said that fans can expect more of the same from Lady Danbury, reports

She shared: “I can’t tell you much or they will take me out and shoot me. She continues to look fabulous and be fabulous and be her usual plotty, strategic, gusto-ing self. She’s a force of nature and when she sets her hat at something she goes for it.”

Adjoa Andoh said that her on-screen character actually shares some similarities with her real-life self and her mother. The actress told the Daily Star newspaper: “There’s a certain swagger which Lady Danbury has in the way she dresses, which is most definitely my mum, who loves a hat – as do I.”

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Meanwhile, Adjoa previously admitted Rege-Jean Page would be a big miss on the set of ‘Bridgerton 2’. The London-born actor played the Duke of Hastings in season one of the Netflix period drama, and Adjoa admitted he would be a miss on set, even though his exit makes sense for the arc of the story.

She said: “We’re following the overriding framework of Julia Quinn’s beautiful novels. There are eight ‘Bridgerton’ children: one down, seven to go. Season two, it’s Anthony Bridgerton, so there you are. That’s the arc of the show. We all love Rege and we’re all going to miss Rege.”

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