Blue Period Episode 7 Review: Anxiety and Art Go Hand in Hand

Don’t blink, or you’ll probably miss an important character moment! Blue Period Episode 7 promises tons of beautiful art pieces alongside some gripping tension as our favourite characters prepare to face the final exams. Did they make it? Let’s find out in this review!

Blue Period Episode 7 Overview

Blue Period Episode 7 Title
Blue Period Episode 7 Review: Anxiety and Art Go Hand in Hand 9

Blue Period is a slice of life drama anime brought to our screens by anime studio Seven Arcs, known for its slice of life and comedy shows such as Dog Days and Tonikaku Kawaii. The series is based upon a highly acclaimed manga penned by Tsubasa Yamaguchi. It is one of the most anticipated shows of the Fall 2021 season and an adaptation that has been highly waited upon for four years.

Koji Masunari and Katsuya Asano are directing the show, with Masunari serving as the chief director. He is a veteran of the industry, having been around for more than two decades and directing shows like Kamichu and Magi: The Kingdom of Magic. Katsuya Asano is known for directing episodes of Yu-Gi-Oh Vrains, among other things. You can read our review of the sixth episode here!

– Blue Period Episode 7 Review does not contain spoilers –

Blue Period Episode 7 Review- Plot and Characters

Ooba Sensei
Blue Period Episode 7 Review: Anxiety and Art Go Hand in Hand 10

Let’s start this one by praising one of the best characters in this show and even the entire season of anime- Ms Ooba. I would be lying if I said that I don’t wish to have a teacher like her every time she appears in a scene. Her supportive nature and slightly strict but fair manner of teaching is the best depiction of the profession in anime since Koro-sensei first made it to our screens through Assassination Classroom.

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Her being pleasant to everyone also does a lot to relieve the students of the stress that accumulates during the exam season. Stress is a huge factor in Blue Period Episode 7, as the exams are less than a week away by the end of the last episode, and we go even deeper because of the show’s fast-paced nature. It feels nice to know you have somebody watching your back even if you fail and instil a sense of security that boosts confidence.

Kuwama yatora Blue Period Episode 7
Blue Period Episode 7 Review: Anxiety and Art Go Hand in Hand 11

Blue Period Episode 7 was about self-confidence, as Yatora learned more about expressing himself through his art while being true to himself. He is a very complicated character with a lot of layers to him, just like Shrek. While his caring and hardworking nature form the essence of his personality, he has several other facets to what makes him the fantastic protagonist that he is. I do not doubt that his journey to self-recognition will help several others who can relate to him, which is a mark of a well-written character.

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For once, I do not feel like saying anything negative about the show, as Blue Period Episode 7 did a fantastic job in telling a coherent story that was paced as well as any other episode of Blue Period has ever been. We learned a lot about characters and what makes them tick, as well as their art styles and what makes them tick. We also saw a great moment between Koi, Yatora’s old friend who drew inspiration from yatora to achieve the courage to follow his own dreams. All good stuff here, for it was a good episode!

Blue Period Episode 7 Review- Art and Music

I lied a tiny bit when I said I didn’t feel like saying anything negative about the show. I do have some qualms about the animation this time around, but it is not something wrong with Blue Period Episode 7 per se. It is a problem with the whole show. The animation of Blue Period doesn’t reach the high heights of its source material, and for a long time, I’ve been wondering the reason for why that is. I believe I finally know.

The animation in the show is extremely flat. Nothing pops out as special or even different despite being animated in an altered manner. The show will use various camera angles, and all of them will fall short because there isn’t enough detail to support the initiative. The art pieces always look detached from the show and don’t feel like a part of it. Whenever different paintings are on screen, it looks like somebody photoshopped the art pieces into the show in place of the actual art. There. Now you know why the show looks so weird and why that is such an issue.


Blue Period Episode 7 was the show’s best episode so far and did a lot in developing character traits and establishing future storylines. An almost perfect half-hour of television.

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Blue Period Episode 7 was the show's best episode so far and did a lot in developing character traits and establishing future storylines. An almost perfect half-hour of television.

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