Bloodride Review – Netflix’s Horror Anthology Series

Netflix’s new series Bloodride is everything you need to binge right now. It’s horror, it’s an anthology, it’s 6 episodes long and each is of 30 minutes. With foreboding music, creepy atmosphere and one scary story after another, this is the perfect companion on a warm night. The stories are tense and taut and are the perfect length so that it doesn’t get boring. Every story is different and not all are supernatural horror – something that I loved. But I can assure you, each and every story will gnaw at your brain.

So, this is your spoiler warning because I’m going to talk about every story in this really well-made series.

So, the series starts off with a bus which is driving down a dark and stormy road. It’s filled with different people and it’s going towards an unknown destination that really is never revealed.

Ultimate Sacrifice

Bloodride Ep 1

Molly is extremely unhappy with her husband’s decision of moving all of them to the countryside. However, opportunity strikes when she gets to know that there is an ancient Viking burial ground in the woods nearby where, if she sacrifices something that she loves, she will be rewarded with riches. However, her greed takes a dark turn when she tries to murder her family but is, instead, killed. But if you think that’s twisted, wait for the last scene.

The starting episode itself was insanely entertaining. From the get-go, you realise that something is off with Molly. She just doesn’t care about her family or their needs. She just wants to go back to the city. However, no one really prepared me for her psychotic break. It was absolutely terrifying and came out of the blue. But what was more terrifying was the end twist. I kid you not, that was absolutely twisted.

This one gave me major Pet Sematary vibes!

Three Sick Brothers

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Three brothers go on a holiday to their father’s secluded cabin after the youngest, Erik, is released from the psychiatric hospital. Their fun and games turn sour, however, when Erik is forced to watch his brothers stab a hitchhiker they had picked up to death. However, all is not as it seems and it is revealed that Erik mental stability is still questionable as the entire thing that happened was all in his head. Until he burns down an entire petrol station.

Like the previous one, I really had no idea where this story was headed. I genuinely thought that Erik’s three brothers were the psychopaths who killed their father, making him take the fall for it. However, the fact that it will all in Erik’s head was absolutely stellar. Also that last twist – absolutely horrifying.

Bad Writer


This is the most twisted episode of the lot. I am still a bit confused about it, honestly.

Olivia is a privileged girl who has just joined a writing class where she meets an awkward fellow student and her instructed. However, soon everything takes a dark turn which makes her, and us, question reality. However, it all comes to a head when we realize that it was all a lie, a figment of the imagination. The truth that comes out in the last, though, is much scarier.

This twisty story is probably my favourite because it made me so confused. At first, it might seem like a silly supernatural story, with the two writers trying to “out write” each other. But soon, when the truth is revealed, it is much scary. Because you know that there is no backspacing this mistake.

Lab Rats

Netflix Bloodride Lab Rats 1

A wealthy pharmaceutical titan throws a party with his most favourite employees in order to celebrate a newly invented prototype. That, however, goes out the door when one of them steals it and he traps and endangers everyone’s life in order to find the culprit. When he thinks he has worked out everything in his favour, he has to pay the ultimate price for playing with his employees’ lives.

Although it was quite obvious that one of the people in the party had stolen it and that they’d be caught, the ending was definitely not expected. It goes to show the horrible effects of greed on people and how it affects their relationship with their loved ones.

The Old School

bloodride 2

Sanna is a young teacher who has newly joined a school which has just reopened after 40 years. From day 1 she hears the cries and calls of children but is unable to see who they are. She soon realizes that a past tragedy has intertwined itself with her life and thus tries to investigate and find out the truth.

This is the only true-blue horror story of the 6. The story will make you think and question the previous maintenance man’s motives, but you’d be wrong in your judgment. The violent and bloody end just adds to the creepiness of the situation and makes you realize that what you thought since the first minute has all been a lie – you’ve been played.

The Elephant in the Room

bloodride 1

Two new recruits try to uncover the mystery of a horrible tragedy that befell their company before they joined. However, when they thought that they had uncovered the truth, they are faced with facts that point out their horrible mistake.

This episode points out why I’m afraid of office parties. Although the pair do genuinely try to understand and uncover the truth of their office, yet, it becomes clear that not all is as it seems, and sometimes it’s better to keep some skeletons buried.


I genuinely enjoyed the series. It’s got no extra frills, no-nonsense about weird howling ghosts and terrible jump scares that you can make out from 1 mile ahead. It’s a series that makes use of dark humour very well and uses its limited runtime effectively. The series never loses vision of the story and keeps on its path throughout. My one problem though, what was the point of the bus if there’s nothing going on there? I waited for the bus to do something after the final episode – but well, there wasn’t anything.

Bloodride is streaming on Netflix right now.


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