BLACKPINK’s Lisa Is Ruling iTunes Globally With Her Solo Debut Track Lalisa

BLACKPINK’s Lisa finally released the title track of her first single album Lalisa on September 10, 2021. Soon after the track’s release, it soared up at the top of the iTunes charts all across the globe. Sources note that the song is at No. 1 on iTunes charts in 60 different regions and more.

The music video has already gained around 5.4 million views since its premiere and is trending at No.8 on YouTube’s “Trending for Music” list.

Official Music Video of Lalisa

During an online press conference held hours before the release of the hit single, the singer confessed, “I’m delighted to be able to show my first solo performance, and I hope that BLINKs will look kindly on it, because this is my first solo album, and also because the title of the album is my name ‘Lalisa,’ it holds a lot of meaning for me.” She thanked the BLINKs, the BLACKPINK’s fandom, for patiently waiting as she worked hard to prepare for the album.

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The Music Video & Name

The music video tries to portray the different versions of Lisa with visuals that are scintillating. The aura Lisa gives off in her new music video is highly infectious and it gets you bobbing your head to the beats in no time. Another factor why Lisa’s new music video stands out is because it is directed by the same director who did BLACKPINK’s HYLT, KTL, D4, and Boombayah music videos.

As for the name of the album, Lisa explains, “I wanted to show the coolest side of myself through the album. I wanted to show myself, Lalisa, exactly as I am, which is why I ended up using this title.” Lisa has also gone on to explain how the title track is something that gives off the strength in her name as the music video tries to show her confident side. The music video also pays homage to Thai Culture.

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Soaring New Heights

The BLACKPINK’s fanbase has gone crazy as the views keep increasing and the track keeps hitting No.1 all around the world. Meanwhile, the news is out that Lisa will be performing the song for the first time at NBC’s The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

We can only expect things to rock up and the song to break records in a matter of days!

You can watch Lalisa on YouTube!

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