Black Summer Season 2 Review: Bloodthirsty Humans in Zombie Apocalypse

Black Summer Season 2, starring Jaime King, Justin Chu Cary, Christine Lee, and Zoe Marlett, released on Netflix today. Directed by John Hyams and Abram Cox, the series is written by the duo along with Craig Engler, D.S. Schaefer, Sarah Sellman, Karl Schaefer and Jennifer Derwingson. The zombie thriller has eight episodes of 45-50 minutes each.

In the last episode of season 1, we saw a huge fight break out between hundreds of people trying to escape the zombie city. Among them, Rose, Sun and Spears (played by Jaime King, Justin Chu Cary and Christine Lee) make it. After losing her daughter in the first episode, Rose finally reunites with Anna (Zoe Marlett). One may think they’re no more in danger, but season 2 is as ugly as it can get.

Netflix’s Back Summer Season 2 opens with humans killing each other, turning into zombies and killing more. There’s only bloodshed and mayhem in the first 20 minutes. The opening was a hint that the entire season is going to be blood-soaked and nasty. Summer is over, and winter makes its way. The freezing snow indicates how cold the human survivors have gone and would do anything to save themselves.

Due to some unfortunate circumstances, Rose-Anna, Spears and Sun get separated. After some difficulties, Rose and Anna find a shelter inside a big house amid the snowclad region with some strangers inside. You start thinking, ‘Oh, now they’re safe’. But no, no one is safe when there’s death lurking around. To secure themselves, people don’t hesitate to kill each other, even their friends and allies. Sun and Spears face their share of struggles as they cross paths with sinister strangers.

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If Season 1 was about depicting the terror caused by the zombies, Black Summer Season 2 is about survival and losing every bit of your humanity. When an apocalypse like this hits, everything is horrendously affected. Those who didn’t die need food and shelter to stay alive. Those who have it get killed by the ones starving for a long time. We saw Rose in action to save herself from death in the previous season. But now, she would not hesitate to commit cold-blooded murder to save her daughter Anna. I’m not surprised that Anna turns out exactly like her, but you can’t blame the ladies as it’s the need of the hour.

Black Summer Season 2 Review: Trailer Still 1
Black Summer Season 2 Review: Trailer Still

With so many bloodthirsty humans and zombies wandering around the cold, snowy winter, who will survive and how? You’ll have to watch the series to know the same. Now, let me mention the good points about the series in my Black Summer Season 2 review – style of narration. Unlike season 1, the directors take us back and forth to show what led to something dreadful.

For example, episode 1 shows Rose and Anna inside that big house. But the makers have shown us in episode 2 how they get there. The style is consistent for a few episodes until the last two. So you are hooked to the screen to see what horror was unleashed that put the characters in such a terrifying situation.

Now, what doesn’t work for the show is too many characters. Yes, there are a lot of characters that are hard to remember all the time. The series could’ve been ended in six episodes with a similar impact. But the addition of so many people and the time taken to explore those arcs made it a little dull to watch.

Black Summer Season 2 Review: Trailer Still 2
Black Summer Season 2 Review: Still from the trailer

Jaime King embodies the brutal side of the Rose with conviction. Her character has seen a significant change from being scared to turning fierce to now a ruthless fighter. King has done a commendable job in Black Summer Season 2. Zoe Marlett also gives a good performance as Rose’s daughter Anna. It can be overwhelming to see so much blood and slaughter at this young age. Anna doesn’t have many dialogues, but her expressions and reactions to everything could’ve been any young girl who has never seen their mother like this. Actors Christine Lee and Justin Chu Cary have also played their parts well.

Black Summer Season 2 Review: Is it worth watching?

Overall, the Netflix series is worth your time. The second season shows us that now zombies are not the bigger threat for humans, but humans themselves. Be ready for lots of bloodshed, graphic scenes and violence in the series. The makers have shown no mercy in showing characters tearing each other apart.

Black Summer Season 2 is currently streaming on Netflix.

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Black Summer Season 2 is gruesome and bloody and the directors leave no stones unturned to show the audience who the real villains are.

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Black Summer Season 2 Review: Bloodthirsty Humans in Zombie ApocalypseBlack Summer Season 2 is gruesome and bloody and the directors leave no stones unturned to show the audience who the real villains are.