Best Netflix Horror Shows 2021 That Gave Us Legit Creeps

Horror didn’t get a lot of great releases this year on Netflix. For those of you who like the creepy horrors that make your skin crawl but aren’t really a fan of the “haunted house” trope, this list of the best Netflix horror shows 2021 is going to be your favourite. These 2021 horror shows will creep you out, make you uncomfortable and fill you with dread, but not down the known avenues.

Fever Dream

Fever Dream is truly like a fever dream to watch. The movie is about relationships, love and the poison that can be found within people and how that spreads to the earth. The no-gore, no overt horror movie will give you the creeps every minute of the way, all the while confusing you with its here-and-there storytelling. For those who like story and character-driven movies, this one will give you the creeps.

Check it out on Netflix, or read our review here.

The Swarm

Unlike the first film of the best Netflix horror shows 2021, this one’s just plain uncomfortable. Also, the gore in this one isn’t really “slitting throats” and whatnot, it’s something much more horrifying. The French horror film knows how to get under your skin, just like the locusts. Another slow-paced horror movie, there’s a lot of emotionally charged moments in the movie along with the horrifying reality of living with insects. Honestly, why would you even want to do this as a job is beyond me, but at least we got a good movie out of it.

Check it out on Netflix, or check out our review here.

The 8th Night

Slow-paced horror The 8th Night is nothing like what you might expect. Unlike your typical fare these days, this character and story-driven horror flick. The flow and the world-building of the film will keep you engaged throughout and the sudden twists and turns will keep you guessing.

Watch it on Netflix, or check out our review here.

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Ghost Lab

Ghost Lab was such an interesting ride! Ok, it’s probably not going to be on the top of your list, but it’s definitely going to be an interesting watch if nothing else. The movie has a charming way about it, along with the funny twists and turns. Feels weird that I am saying this about a movie in the Netflix horror shows 2021 list, doesn’t it? that’s because this is a really entertaining movie – a little predictable, but still so entertaining.

Watch Ghost Lab on Netflix, or check out our review here.

Brand New Cherry Flavor

One word for Brand New Cherry Flavor – surreal. The mini-series, starring Rosa Salazar, demands attention from the moment it starts. It’s confusing, gory and has everything that you might need to be glued to the screen. The dark and nightmare-ish imagery will leave you feeling deeply disturbed – the perfect recipe for the 2021 best Netflix horror shows.

Brand New Cherry Flavor is streaming on Netflix. Or, check out our review here.

Midnight Mass

You know it’s going to be a good watch since Mike Flannagan is there to head it. The director, who has brought to screen some of our most favourite horror movies and shows. The limited series talks about more than the supernatural – it’s a study of the deeper meanings of life, death and God. Are the things that we think about just that or is there something more there? Well, 2021 Netflix horror show Midnight Mass tries to answer that… and more.

Check out Midnight Mass on Netflix, or check out our review here.

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