Best Horror Movies on Amazon Prime to Give You Sleepless Nights

Horror is a genre that is often misunderstood. Yes, it’s true that it’s supposed to make you feel scared, but the genre has a lot of layers that can be used to portray the various facets of human life. Let’s face it, life isn’t perfect and there’s a lot of horrific things that happen that can scar us. Here are some of the best horror movies on Amazon Prime Video in my opinion that will scare you and will give you something to think about as well:

Train to Busan

A zombie movie that is close to my heart because of how beautifully it is made, Train to Busan talks about a zombie apocalypse in Korea that wipes out the entire subcontinent. Although the second part was absolutely disheartening, the first part was filled with horror, tension and a lot of tender human emotions, the latter of which is hard to find in movies such as these. Truly one of the best horror movies on Amazon Prime that will leave you in tears by the end of it. And what’s better, characterisation is absolutely amazing and you will sympathise with almost all of the characters that are shown here.

Watch Train to Busan here.


There are bad people in this world. But what do you do when ordinary people turn bad due to the circumstances of their lives? Tumbbad, starring Sohum Shah, talks about a fable. A supernatural entity is trapped in a shrine and there’s a chance of a lost wealth to be found. What are the consequences when a family tries to acquire that wealth? This is a movie with beautiful and strong visuals and an even stronger metaphor. If you thought ghosts just exist in the supernatural realm, think again. Easily one of the best horror movies on Amazon Prime simply because of how many layers the story has.

Watch Tumbbad here.

Don’t Breathe

What is more horrifying than three robbers breaking into your home? Well, maybe the fact that you’re blind. That, however, doesn’t stop Norman from beating the daylights out of our no-good protagonists. Just when you were sure that you were shipping the right person though, something more horrifying happens that creeps you out to no end. Don’t Breathe is a tense movie – I literally caught my breath every time something happened. And during the tense moments, the movie preferred to have no background music whatsoever. One of the best horror movies on Amazon Prime that will definitely stay with you.

Watch Don’t Breathe here.


The newest of the lot, Host is not your typical feature-length movie. Totally supernatural, this barely-hour-long movie was shot completely during the 2020 lockdown. The actors themselves did all of the shooting and the makeup but what came out of that hard work was a tense 56 minutes filled to the brim with enjoyable jumpscares and smart scares.

Watch Host here. Read our review here.

The Babadook

Released in 2014, The Babadook is one of the best horror movies on Amazon Prime right now. If you haven’t watched it yet, and are in the mood for a movie that focuses on grief, acceptance, loss and the trials of child-rearing, then this is the movie for you.

When Amelia finds a children’s book titled The Babadook in her son Samuel’s things, she doesn’t think much of it. Well, until the entity starts haunting her and her son. Trying to understand what’s happening and unable to take care of Samuel properly, it becomes a dangerous game and Amelia must make a decision.

Watch The Babadook here.

Evil Dead

Evil Dead is a movie that is sure to give you nightmares. Another supernatural horror through and through, this is one of the scariest movies on Amazon Prime. That demon’s imagery is something that stayed with me for a long time.

When five friends go up to a remote cabin deep in the forest, they had no idea that they’d be summoning a demon. Now that it’s awake, the friends must do what it takes to put a stop to its destruction.

Watch Evil Dead here.


A movie that put Ari Aster right up there with famous directors, Hereditary is a movie that creeped the hell out of me. If you’re someone who likes watching movies with family clashes and grief, then this movie has tons of those. One of the best horror movies on Amazon Prime, Hereditary follows the Graham family who realises that their recently deceased matriarch had some secrets that could destroy their lives. (Spoiler: it does)

Also, Toni Collette is phenomenal here and she was robbed of an Oscar.

Watch Hereditary here.

The Lodge

When I had first started to watch The Lodge, it felt rather like a thriller. However, I understood the horror aspects of it as the movie slowly moved from being a slow creepy melancholy offering to all-out hysteria. It’s not long before people start dying and the fate of some of the characters are left hanging for us to horrifyingly speculate. What’s more: the movie’s cast is excellent but especially Riley Keough and the soundscape is to look out for.

Watch The Lodge here. Read our review here.

Amazon Prime has a wide range of good horror movies on its platform. These are the ones that left a mark on me. Do you have some other movie that you think is just as good as (or better than) the ones on this list? Tell the best horror movies on Amazon Prime according to you in the comments below!

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