Best Halloween Movies To Stream Right Now On Netflix

Trick-or-Treat yourself this October with some terrifying and unmissable Halloween movies. It is finally that time of the year to breathe the gothic air and put on your Scream masks but, also to stay back at home and enjoy some films that will give you all the spooks you need. Be it a Halloween marathon with friends or some time alone in the dark, we have got you covered!

Hereditary (2018)

American film director Ari Aster’s film under the A24 banner should be your pick for anything horror and cult-like. His 2018 film Hereditary that stars Alex Wolff and Toni Collette in pivotal roles revolve around the Graham family that unravels some dangerous and horrifying secrets about their ancestry after the death of the family’s matriarch. Tragic and disturbing, Hereditary also brilliantly portrays the story of loss and trauma.

You can watch the trailer for Hereditary below:

You can watch the film now on Netflix.

Orphan (2009)

Even though The Conjuring Universe’s Vera Farmiga stars in this film, it is Isabelle Fuhrman that steals the show with one of the most disturbing revelations and turn of events. This Halloween movie is going to make you question almost every other person you meet as it focuses on some serious ‘I-never-saw-that-coming’ moments.

You can watch the trailer for Orphan below:

You can stream the film now on Netflix.

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It Film Series (2017-2019)

Based on the bestselling novel titled It by Stephen King, the It film series consists of two parts which are termed as It: Chapter One and It: Chapter Two.

You can watch the trailer for It: Chapter One below:

The story of the first chapter is surrounding the iconic shape-shifting clown Pennywise (called “It”) who returns to the life of seven bullied children and plans to torment the children before eventually feeding on them. The first chapter is more towards a coming-of-age, supernatural horror. The second chapter focuses on events that take place 26 years after the events of Chapter One, where the group has grown up visibly and they return to their old town to end Pennywise’s horror, once and for all.

You watch the trailer for It: Chapter Two below:

It: Chapter Two is now streaming on Netflix and the film series is an ideal Halloween movie to binge with friends.

Us (2019)

Get Out director Jordan Peele’s 2019 film Us deserves more recognition than it gets and Halloween is just the perfect time for that! With a setting similar to film Coherence and energy like Midsommar, Us is a psychological horror that stays with you long after the credits have rolled. The premise is about Adelaide Wilson and her family who are attacked by mysterious figures dressed in red, who turn out to be their lookalikes. But, what are they really?

You can watch the trailer for Us below:

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Starring Lupita Nyong’o in the leading role Us is streaming now on Netflix.

The Call (2020)

Directed by Lee Chung-hyeon, The Call is a Korean thriller that is based on the 2011 British and Puerto Rican film The Caller. The film is about Seo-yeon (played by Park Shin-hye) and Young-sook (played by Jeon Jong-seo), two women from different timelines who are connected through a phone call that interchanges their fates, dangerously.

You can watch the trailer for The Call below:

You can watch The Call now on Netflix. You can also read the review for the same by clicking here. Meanwhile, the original film The Caller is streaming now on Amazon Prime Video.

Bram Stoker’s Dracula (1992)

Is Halloween even Halloween if you do not visit an old classic?

With an ensemble cast that includes Gary Oldman, Winona Ryder, Keanu Reeves and Anthony Hopkins, Dracula is a gothic horror film based on the novel by the same name written by Bram Stoker. This Academy award-winning film is about Count Dracula who loses the love of his life and swears to avenge her death until crosses paths with a woman who he thinks is a reincarnation of his late beloved. With an exceptional story and direction, this is that one film you need to watch this Halloween.

You can watch the trailer for Bram Stoker’s Dracula below:

You can stream the classic film Dracula now on Netflix.

Meanwhile, let us know in the comments below what films you would like to add to this list. Happy Halloween!

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