Bad Vegan Twitter Reactions: Netizens are Baffled By Sarma Melngailis’ Story!

Bad Vegan: Fame, Fraud, and Fugitives is now out on Netflix. The 4-part documentary series is based on popular raw vegan restaurateur Sarma Melngailis. Sarma was married to Anthony Strangis, who manipulated her into giving her money. To fulfil Anthony’s demands, Sarma had to betray her employees. The documentary focuses on her rise and downfall and how she became a sensation worldwide because of everything the couple did.

After The Tinder Swindler, netizens are startled by yet another crime documentary where a man has managed to manipulate a successful woman. Some people have a hard time believing Sarma’s side. Some people can’t believe that someone can pull off something so big. Twitter is filled with shocking and hilarious reactions to the documentary.

One person wrote about Bad Vegan on Netflix, “…that’s from Supernatural. This guy was straight up using lines from Supernatural to manipulate this woman omg #BadVegan”. One more person tweeted, “The only thing you need to know about Bad Vegan on Netflix: NOTHING BAD HAPPENS TO LEON THE DOG. Good thing he didn’t have a bank account. (We all hope that he lives forever too.) @netflix #BadVegan #leon”.

Some even doubted Sarma’s story and shared, “Sarma is really downplaying her role in everything, you can’t be that naïve 🤦🏿‍♂️ #BadVegan”. Another viewer tweeted, “Watched #BadVegan and I don’t buy Sarma’s BS. The only victim was the dog Leon. And he might’ve been in on it too”.

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Bad Vegan Review
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“I’m losing my empathy with every minute watching this show #badvegan. Zero accountability, full victim mode, absolutely delusional, blaming it all on him?? No, honey. This you, too,” posted a Twitter user.

Take a look at Bad Vegan Twitter Reactions

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  1. If there’s a single person out there who feels sorry for her, I want to meet them because I have a bridge to sell them!

  2. I did believe her…I have dated a similar person and was in a similar situation although I didn’t give $1 million and have warrants however they would make me believe anything…it doesn’t happened at one time. It is a slow gradual process over years that they manipulate you to just do whatever they say. Until someone experiences what it’s like to be with a Narcissistic psychopath, you will never understand..It’s on the same level as why wives who spouse beat them still love the partner….Of course there is still a small part of me that thinks Hmmmm no matter what I went through, I never gave anyone my passwords and Sure the F#%$ didn’t lend money to them …I may be old fashioned, but something about a man borrowing money off a woman seems like a loser move…I just don’t get what she say physically in him…She was pretty but he was gross..

  3. We’re not supposed to say this out loud, but anyone dumb enough to have a pit bull as a “pet” is screaming to the world that they are not living in reality and make crappy, sometimes dangerous, decisions. Smarmy Smarma, assuming she’s not just a lying criminal herself, is so much a narcissist herself that she was willing to fall for any scenario where she got to be a “compassionate queen.” Real compassion includes humility, sometimes anonymity. (And, it doesn’t include madness like bringing an unpredictable animal into the workplace.)

  4. Cult : delusional mastermind thrives off manipulating and controlling weak-willed, weak-minded or desperate followers. Stockholm syndrome: gang uses coercion and fear to make a mentally normal victim submit physically and mentally till victim surrenders resistance and joins gang in criminal action. Marriage for the wrong reasons: you’re going to give me everything and I won’t have to do anything but play on your feelings. Bad vegan: on this spectrum?

  5. You sound pretty fucking stupid judging one of the kindest breeds of dog. Sounds like you lack any “real compassion” for anything and have major issues.

  6. I don’t believe the bs she was spewing. She destroyed countless lives with no response but hey being white and rich you can do anything apparently.

  7. Exactly I agree. They are a massive pos and has major issues to judge such a kind animal. Sounds like they have major problems they need to deal with than put abuse on a poor helpless animal.

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