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Shocking Revelation of Sunidhi Chauhan on Not Judging Indian Idol

Sunidhi Chauhan addresses the ongoing Indian Idol controversy. She also reveals the reason behind her decision not to judge this reality show.

Netflix’s Bo Burnham: Inside Review: Quarantine Memories with a Twist

Bo Burnham: Inside is a one a man show that is going to bring your worst nightmare in quarantine life alive in your minds in the funniest way possible.

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Twinkle shares her opinion on Maharani. Huma Qureshi reacts on whether her latest series is based on a real-life incident or not.

5 Series Based on College Life You Should Immediately Watch Right Now!

Missing your college life like we are? Watch these series based on college life to remember your college life.

Netflix’s Dog Gone Trouble Review: Journey from Palace to Street

Dog Gone Trouble is an average movie with cuteness and frills but fails to leave much of an impact after everything is done and dusted.

Netflix’s Eden Review: Heartfelt with a Beautiful Message

Eden is a light-hearted anime series with a beautiful message of environmental protection.

Netflix’s High on the Hog Review: Lip-Smacking History

High on the Hog is the story of the food of American African coming from the kitchen of slaves going to the kitchen of White houses.

Netflix’s Mad for Each Other Episode 3 Recap: Revelations and Truths

Unlike Episode 2, Mad for Each other Episode 3 is really better and has sure done his job of giving the character of Min-kyung a good background.


Netflix’s Vendetta: Truth, Lies and The Mafia Docuseries Review is a Vindictive Power Struggle

The Vendetta docuseries premiered globally on Netflix on Sept. 24. It was written and produced by Ruggero di Maggio and Davide Gambino for Mon...

Netflix’s Jailbirds New Orleans (2021) Review: A Sad Attempt at Reality-TV

Jailbirds New Orleans is reality TV set in prison. Confused? We were too. Read on to find out what we make of it.

Amazon’s Birds Of Paradise Review: A Sensual Ballet Entertainer

Birds of Paradise is a sensually entertaining Ballet film with everything about it set nearly to perfection.

Raame Aandalum Raavane Aandalum Review: Light-Hearted Take on a Serious Issue

Raame Aandalum Raavane Aandalum Review: RaRa intends to voice out and create an impact but proves to be a light-hearted one-time watch instead.

Netflix’s The Starling Review: Story Of An Irreparable Loss

The Starling is Netflix's new release ft. Melissa McCarthy that will tug the strings of your heart.