Pooja Sharma

Storytelling is her silver lining! Books and a piping hot tea are a timeless combination. With her head in the clouds she loves her space and has an excessive liking for skylines.

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Asakusa Kid (2021) Review: Alluring Take on the Rags-To-Riches Tale

The biopic-Asakusa Kid charts the rise and fall of the titular comedian, Takeshi Kitano in his pre-Beat days.

Carolin Kebekus The Last Christmas Special (2021) Review: Endearing and Hilarious

Carolin Kebekus The Last Christmas Special is a humorous and insightful parody of the holiday season.

Haifa Street (2019) Review: An Agonizing Work of Art

Artistically, Haifa Street draws you in and portrays actual violence in an intimate way that is quite powerful, putting you right there with the protagonist.

David and the Elves (2021) Review: One Legendary Christmas Miracle

David and the Elves is a story about friendship, love and belief - one that will brighten up your Christmas!

Chithirai Sevvaanam (2021) Review: Silva’s Film Fails to Deliver a Compelling Narrative

Chithirai Sevvaanam is a bold attempt with its heart at the right place but is filled with cliches and an inconsistent screenplay.

The Coyotes (2021) Review: Olivia Castanho-Starrer is a Medley of Missed Opportunities

The Coyotes, starring Olivia Castanho, is somewhat enjoyable but loses out a lot in regards to its sluggish storyline.

Angèle (2021) Review: Alluring & Rustic

The documentary dives into Angèle's intimate universe through interviews with her close-knit family.

Izla (2021) Review: Awkwardly Unfunny Zombie Experience

Izla is just the group running from zombies until they meet up with other survivors on the island.

Netflix’s A Boy Called Christmas Movie Review is An Irresistible Christmas Classic

The film feels like many great stories rolling into one big tale, and director Gil Kenan has dazzling visuals and colourful characters.


Love Death and Robots Season 3 Review: David Fincher-Tim Miller Strike Again With Brilliance

Love Death and Robots Season 3 brings back the uniqueness and suspense with a bang.

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