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Our Blues Episode 3 Recap: Eun-hui’s Friends Exposes Han-su’s Lie

Our Blues episode 3 is rather slow-paced and ends with a bittersweet outcome for Han-su and Eun-hui.

My Liberation Notes Episode 3 Recap: Kim Ji-won Finds Her Club

Yeom Mi-jeong finds the club she belongs to in My Liberation Notes episode 3!

Hometown Cha Cha Cha: 3 Reasons to Revisit Kim Seon-ho and Shin Min-a’s Romantic Drama

Hometown Cha Cha Cha was one of the most buzz-worthy dramas of 2021 and fans couldn't get enough of Kim Seon-ho and Shin Min-a Couple.

Again My Life Episode 3 Recap: Lee Joon-gi Finds The Woman in Red

Again My Life (어게인 마이 라이프) is a 2022 Korean drama featuring Lee Joon-gi, Lee Kyoung-young, Kim Ji-eun and Jung Sang-hoon.

5 Best Nam Joo-hyuk Kdramas That You Shouldn’t Miss

Here is the list of best Nam Joo-hyuk Kdramas that you shouldn't miss.

Business Proposal to Our Beloved Summer: Kdramas With Best OSTs in 2022

2022 Kdramas like Business Proposal have some of the best OSTs! Find out which three we liked the most.

SEVENTEEN Releases a Special Clip ‘Love Letter’ as a Message to Their Fans

In the 'Love Letter', leaders of the boy band express their love towards the fans through special messages.

Again My Life Episode 3: What to Expect Next? See Lee Joon-gi Fans Reactions

Lee Joon-gi has made a come back with Again My Life (어게인 마이 라이프). The first two episodes of the Kdrama were released on 8th April and 9th April 2022. This Law thriller features Lee...

Still Sad About Twenty Five Twenty One Ending? These 10 Quotes From The Kdrama Will Heal Your Heart

Twenty Five Twenty One gave us moments to smile and moments to cry for and made us nostalgic about our adolescent friendship and love.


Mr Sunshine to Snowdrop, Korean Dramas That Will Tear You Up In Sadness and Pain

5 Korean Dramas that will tear you up when you need a crying session to let out those emotions. Check out these Kdramas for those moments!

No Regrets in Life Episode 4 Preview: Where, When and How to Watch!

No Regrets in Life episode 4 preview gets us excited for another round of drama and shocking revelations! Read more to know everything about it!

Cafe Minamdang Episode 3 Recap and Review: Profiler to Shaman

Cafe Minamdang episode 3 continues to be exciting in the best ways possible and is hilarious AF!

Link: Eat Love Kill Episode 10 Preview: When, Where and How to Watch!

Link: Eat Love Kill Episode 10 Preview: Gye-hoon and Da-hyun find comfort in each other but there's jealousy to be felt because of it!

MasterChef Australia Season 14 Episode 55 Recap: It’s All About Oysters

MasterChef Australia Season 14 Episode 55 is a visually pleasing episode shot in Tasmania. Read on to know all about the show on Disney+ Hotstar.