On a quest to learn doggo-language. Wants to be a polyglot, but too tired to even finish the academic syllabus.

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Murderville (2022) Review: Attempt at Improv Comedy in the Guise of Solving Murder Mysteries

Murderville is an amalgamation of murder/mystery comedy and an onscreen improv series.

My Best Friend Anne Frank (2021) Review: Ben Sombogaart’s Film Fails To Utilize Hidden Potential

My Best Friend Anne Frank revolves around friendship between Anne Frank and Hannah Goslar but fails to leave a mark.

The Falls (2021) Review: Alyssa Chia Movie Relives the Pandemic Horror

The Falls is a psychological drama about pandemic hardships that takes a dark, grisly and relatable route.

Home Team (2022) Review: A Failed Attempt To Turn a Scandal Into Comedy

Home Team is the true-life story of Sean Payton and how he reconnected with his son.

Soy Georgina (2022) Review: An Expensive Glimpse Into Georgina Rodriguez’s Life

Soy Georgina is an expensive glimpse into the lives and loves of the rich that feels a bit tone-deaf in today's day and edge.

Bro Daddy (2022) Review: Prithviraj’s Experiment Results in a One-Time-Watch Family Entertainer

Bro Daddy knows that it is a light-hearted comedy and much to the relief of the viewers it does not do much to go into the depths of characters or the events.

My Father’s Violin (2022) Review: Engin Altan Düzyatan Film is an Unrealistic Musical Drama

My Father’s Violin is an easy and beautiful watch albeit a bit unrealistic and oversimplified.

This Is Not a Comedy (2022) Review: A Heartbreaking and Hopeful Drama

This is Not a Comedy is hopeful and heartbreaking. There's something that pulls you to the movie, although it does break your heart a bit.

Anbarivu (2022) Review: A Cringe-Fest With Wasted Potential

Anbarivu had all the elements of a promising film: a tried and tested premise, a wonderful set of actors, an excellent location and much more. To our disappointment, it fails to utilize all of them.


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