Manjima Das

When I'm not writing or avidly watching every piece of cinema I can lay my eyes on, I like to either aggressively design graphics or cocoon myself in the blanket of literature.

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Netflix’s Confessions Of An Invisible Girl Review: Another Heartfelt Cliché

Netflix's Confessions of an Invisible Girl (2021) tries to depict the struggle of being an unpopular teenager in high school but ends up being a cliché.

BTS, Coldplay Unveil My Universe Teaser and We Can’t Keep Calm!

BTS and Coldplay have finally dropped a glimpse of their upcoming joint single 'My Universe' and it is has gotten us all trippy.

ITZY Leave Us Excited With a Stunning ‘LOCO’ Teaser; Fans, Are You Ready?

The new teaser for LOCO by ITZY has gotten us all enchanted and excited!

Kota Factory 2 Teaser Ft. Vaibhav Pandey Out: Struggles At Maheshwari Classes

Netflix just released the teaser for Kota Factory 2 and we can see Vaibhav have his own share of struggles at Maheswari Classes.

Happy Birthday Kareena Kapoor Khan: 5 Films That Made Us Fall In Love With Her

On Kareena Kapoor Khan's 41st birthday, let us take a look back at the actress' best performances to date.

BTS, BLACKPINK, Kim Seon Ho and Others Top September Star Brand Reputation Rankings

BTS, BLACKPINK bag positions in the top five of September Star Brand Reputation rankings list.

Venom Let There Be Carnage: New Posters Tease Danger That Lies Ahead

Venom Let There Be Carnage teases the audience with exciting new posters that give an insight into the characters.

Scenes From A Marriage Episode 2 Review: Living Without Passion

Scenes from a Marriage episode 2 intensely evokes conversations on the topic of feelings, passion and the trouble of letting go.

BTS To Speak Out On Racism, UN Appoints BLACKPINK As First SDG Advocates

BTS is to attend the 'SDG Moment 2021', whereas BLACKPINK is going to serve as the UN SDGs Advocates.


My Liberation Notes Episode 13 Recap: Gu Lives A Busy Life In Seoul But Longs For Mi-jeong

In My Liberation Notes Episode 13, the Yeom siblings take a step towards a different life.

Our Blues Episode 13 Recap: Mi-ran Finds Out What Eun-hui Really Thinks Of Her

In Our Blues Episode 13, Mi-ran and Eun-hui get into a fight that ends their friendship.

Tomorrow Episode 16 Recap: Wait, What Happened to the #Joongryeon Endgame?

Tomorrow episode 16 has quite a few funny and heartwarming moments, but seems to have ended on a rather confusing note!

Spy x Family Episode 7 Review: Problem Child

Spy x Family Episode 7 was a great episode that featured all of our characters getting some time to shine. The future doesn't look too exciting because it was mostly a nothing episode, but it was fun nonetheless.

Aoashi Episode 7 Review: Pitiful Regard Of The Game

Aoashi Episode 7 presented an overall plot that is tantalizingly slow, accompanied by underwhelming animations and "all talk and no play" scenes. The only good thing left is the characters, and hopefully, they are utilized better.