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Escaping into films is more than just a hobby for me.

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Zee5’s Dikkiloona Review: Cringe-Worthy Movie

Zee5's Dikkiloona is a Tamil-language science-fiction film based on time travelling.

Amazon Prime’s The Voyeurs Review: Might Make You Dreadful After Watching It

Amazon Prime's The Voyeurs is a film on couples who spy on their neighbours with the use of fancy spying tools.

Netflix’s The Women and The Murderer Review: A Chilling Serial Killer Documentary

Netflix's The Women and The Murderer is a French documentary, based on the serial killings in Paris in the late 1990s.

Netflix’s Countdown: Inspiration4 Mission to Space Review: A New Era for Space Exploration

Netflix has released Countdown: Inspiration4 Mission to Space, a near real-life docuseries on SpaceX's first all-civilian space mission.

Netflix’s How to Be a Cowboy Review: Binge-Worthy Show On Cowboys! 

How to Be a Cowboy season 1 is a Netflix series based on real-life cowboy Dale Brisby in Texas.

Netflix’s Untold Crime and Penalties: Review: The Untold Saga Continues

Untold Crime and Penalties is the fourth part of Netflix's sports docuseries. It takes us through the story of Danbury Trashers, an ice hockey team owned by a mobster.

Netflix’s Untold Caitlyn Jenner Review: Perfect Addition to the Untold Series

Untold Caitlyn Jenner is the third part of Netflix's Untold sports docuseries. This part covers the life of Caitlyn Jenner as Bruce.

Netflix’s Everything Will Be Fine Review: Outstanding Series on Family Drama

Everything Will Be Fine Season 1 is a Mexican series on Netflix. It is about the a set of parents who are separated but still live together because of their kid.

Netflix’s Untold Deal With the Devil Review: Engaging Series About A Woman Boxer 

Untold Deal With the Devil is the second instalment of Untold series by Netflix. It shares the story of Christy Martin, the best woman boxer.


Stranger Things 4 Vol 2: From the Kiss to I Love You, Scenes That Were Improvised by the Actors

The team of Stranger Things 4 reveal the scenes that were improvised by the actors in volume 2.

Stranger Things Breaks Nielsen Streaming Record With Billion Views, Season 4 Vol 1 is in No 1 Position

Stranger Things has made a billion views with its fourth season.

Taron Egerton Wants to Play Wolverine for Marvel, “If It Does Come Around, They’ll Give Me a Shot”

Taron Egerton talks about his desire to play Wolverine in the MCU.

Change Days Season 2 Contestants: We Have All the Deets!

Change Days Season 2 Contestants: Who is what and why are they?!

Shikimori’s Not Just A Cutie Episode 11 Review: Beginning Of The Love

Shikimori's Not Just A Cutie Episode 11 was another great episode that featured a lot of heart-to-heart conversations and a look back at our protagonists' pasts. A great penultimate episode, for sure.