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Hi I am Bhumika Shanbhag. I am Bachelor's in Journalism, Psychology, and English Literature. My passion for writing enhanced me to pursue my Masters in English literature. I also hold a Post-graduation degree in Digital Marketing. Besides this, I love Acting, singing, and dancing because I believe that it is not a crime to have more than one passion. I firmly believe in the motto: Aspire to inspire before you Expire.

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Waffles and Mochi’s Holiday Feast Review: Cuisine Trip of Two Dessert Puppets

Waffles and Mochi's Holiday Feast is all about Waffles and Mochi being given a surprise visit by their friends which changes the mood of the whole party and they realize that food is not the only thing that can bring happiness during holidays.

Tenants Of The House (2021) Review: Unconventional and Uncooked

Tenants of the House revolves around a deep-rooted political fight between two parties. A politician jumps into the fight and uses his strength to make a switch in the already fiery brawl.

Disney+ Hotstar’s Adbhutham Review: Confrontation Between a Past and the Future

Adbhutham is all about two lovers, Surya and Vennela trapped in two timeframes with the same phone numbers. Will their love find fruition?

Netflix’s Just Short Of Perfect Review: Shattering The Stereotype And Stigma

Just Short of Perfect tells the story of a lawyer who finds love in a chivalrous and renowned cardiologist. But the variation in their height creates a rift between the lovebirds only to unite them forever.

Netflix’s Tiger King 2 Review: The Topsy-Turvy Planet Of Joe Exotic Fails To Urge

Tiger King 2 goes up one level high in presenting the wilder version of illegal rearing of big cats, a murder mystery, high hullabaloo and drama.

Netflix’s Michael Che: Shame The Devil Review: Jackpot Of Dark Comedy And Satire

Michael Che: Shame The Devil is a stand-Up comedy series that highlights American patriotism, Black leadership and mental health via Michael's intelligent comedy.

Netflix’s Love Hard Review: Precise Reality Of Online Dating Apps

Love Hard is about a cheerful festival like Christmas that turns into a nightmare for a young woman when he discovers that her perfect match is not-so-perfect anymore.

Netflix’s Gloria Review: Underground Ventures And Cold War

A compact village called Glória do Ribatejo, a land of espionage and war. A Radio engineer enters the game to switch the chronology of events forever.

Netflix’s Colin In Black And White Review: The Voice Of Suppression And Intolerance

Colin In Black And White gives a liberal and educative approach towards life by breaking the shackles of racism and carving out a niche.


The World’s Finest Assassin Episode 9 Review: The First Target

The World's Finest Assassin Episode 9 was an uncomfortable watch for all the wrong reasons. Can we have some more magic and assassinations instead of weird romantic subplots?

Reflection of You Episode 15 Recap: Ko Hyun-jung Has to Prove Her Strength

Reflection of You episode 15, starring Ko Hyun-jung and Shin Hyun-been, disappoints a bit with the direction it chooses to take.

The White Princess to The Hitman’s Bodyguard, Lionsgate Play Content to Enjoy This Holiday Season

Wondering what to watch this holiday season? Lionsgate Play has some exciting titles releasing in December. Check out.

Hawkeye Episode 3 Review: Echo, Chase and Tricky Arrows

Hawkeye Episode 3 Review: Titled 'Echoes', we meet Maya Lopez, her intentions regarding Ronin and get treated with some action scenes.

The Power of the Dog (2021) Review: The Intimate Agony of the West

The Power of the Dog is a film that exposes the cruelty of human beings towards the self.

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