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Directed by Rohin Raveendran Nair, 2024 has been shot on OnePlus 9 Pro 5G and that is reason enough to watch it now!

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Netflix's Procession is the story of how 6 men abused by the Catholic Church in their childhood, embarks on a film making journey and moves on from their abusive boyhood.

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The Fabulous Filipino Brothers is a real-reel life heartfelt tale of 4 brothers - Dante Basco's lovely autobiographical directorial debut.

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Netflix's social study A Última Floresta or The Last Forest is a deep insight into the heart of the mighty Amazon forest and the indigenous people living there and is a thought-provoking and rewarding portrayal of the Yanomami tribe.

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Netflix's Swedish mini-series The Unlikely Murderer is exactly what you wanted - dramatic with the perfect twist of events and an unlikely suspect who claims to be a witness.

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Playful yet provocative, Haroun is a healthy dose of French humor served in the exact stand-up comedy platter you had ordered.

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Set in the heart of Mesoamerica, Maya And The Three chronicles the journey of fifteen-year-old warrior princess Maya, as she embarks upon the deadly quest of defeating underworld gods and saving humanity from destruction.

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A horror film with an added hint of mystery, Amazon Prime's The Manor is the perfect movie for a spooky Halloween night.


Trapped In A Dating Sim Episode 8 Review: Not Cute Enough To Love

Trapped In A Dating Sim Episode 8 was more about the end than the destination. It was a pretty uninteresting affair until it got into its story's deeper, more existential parts. It then took things to a very intriguing crescendo.

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In Shooting Stars Episode 10, Tae-sung goes through a series of disturbing events.

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