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Mare of Easttown episode 2 marches on strong and gives us a lot to think about.

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Homunculus required the storyline to get a better direction instead of the route it took. Kudos to the performances though.

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Zero has the potential to be good but tries to cram in too much and ends up being confusing and disjointed.

Netflix’s Izzy’s Koala World S2 Review: Little Munchkins!

Izzy’s Koala World S2 is cute, cuddly and informative and makes for quality content for the kids.

HBO’s Mare of Easttown Episode 1 Review: Off to a Decent Start

Mare of Easttown episode 1 is a look at all the characters and gives us a murder. The only question is - who committed it?


Netflix’s Time to Dance Review: Bland and Forgettable

Time to Dance is a bland and forgettable movie that does almost everything wrong.

MasterChef Australia Season 13 Episode 12 Review: Pressure Tarts!

MasterChef Australia Season 13 Episode 12 Review: The new episode is out with lots of pressure. Check out who gets eliminated.

Amazon’s Photo Prem Review: Captures Your Heart

Photo Prem review: A new Marathi movie starring Neena Kulkarni is out on Amazon Prime. Check out our review for the same.

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Director Rob Savage talks about his inspiration behind horror film Host.

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The Disciple director Chaitanya Tamhane talks about his movies and their commercial viability.