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Netflix’s The Cabin with Bert Kreischer Review: Lackadaisical but Therapeutic

Set against the backdrop of Malibu mountains, masked as a retreat, it is just the opposite of that (perhaps), 'The Cabin with Bert Kreischer' is pure fun!

Fox’s Next Episode 2 Review: It has Started to Unfold

Fox's Next episode 2 picks up the pace but it often wilts under its weight because of deviation in this episode!

Netflix’s The Forty Year Old Version Review: Satirical and Phenomenal

'The Forty Year Old Version' is powerful. strong and dripping with humour. Radha Blank's debut is here and it has a wonderful story to share about an artist!

Fox’s Next Episode 1 Review: Perils of Artificial Intelligence!

Fox's Next episode 1 speaks of how artificial intelligence can potentially take over once it starts to figure out that mankind is disposable!

Netflix’s Oloture Review: Gutsy, Gritty but Important

'Oloture' is a film on prostitution and human trafficking which exists all over the world. Oloture, the protagonist, goes on a journey to uncover the truth.

Netflix’s Song Exploder Review: An Informative and Interesting Musical Journey

'Song Exploder' is a popular podcast series hosted by Hrishikesh Hirway. Netflix has now created a show on the same theme and talks about much more than music.

Netflix’s Dick Johnson is Dead Review: A heartbreakingly Unique Film on Death

'Dick Johnson is Dead' has the humour going and the tears rolling for us, it is such a wholesome and uniquely beautiful confrontation with the most inevitable!

Netflix’s Oktoberfest: Beer and Blood Review: Ghastly and Dark!

Oktoberfest: Beer and Blood makes for a great watch, with a strong storyline, great characters and excellent cinematography.

Netflix’s Sneakerheads Review: Niche, Sometimes Fun but Mostly Bare

'Sneakerheads' is a bore, no better way to put it. You'd probably be excited to watch a storyline so niche but there is really not much that is has in store!


Netflix’s Nevertheless Episode 6 Recap: There’s No Such Thing as Love. Nevertheless,

Nevertheless episode 6 is very slow and extremely chatty, but ends on a delicious cliffhanger!

My Hero Academia Season 5 Episode 17 Review: The Hellish Todoroki Family

A great, emotional ending to an otherwise lacklustre episode, My Hero Academia Season 5 Episode 17 turned out to be more or less the same as I was expecting.

Amazon’s Hostel Daze Season 2 Review: Hostel Life and Nostalgia!

Hostel Daze Season 2 is here to make you laugh and take you back to the good old college days!

Natkhat Review: Bridging the Patriarchal Gap

There is nothing easy about this film. Its invocation of a past filled with pain and its jump to the present, where most of the primary characters are wallowing in bitter introspection, demand a lot from the audience. The absence of compassion for the victims on screen is articulated by the demure shadow of Vidya Balan, who firmly stands against the misgivings while soothing her son.

Sky Rojo Season 2 Review: Plot That Doesn’t Go Anywhere

Sky Rojo Season 2 Review: Coral, Wendy and Gina are still trying to escape the horrible past and save themselves from the men. That's something we saw in the first season.