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Netflix’s Racket Boys Episode 10 Recap: An Emotional Ride

Racket Boys episode 10 is all about discovering new things about close ones. A full emotional ride.

Netflix’s Racket Boys Episode 9 Recap: Practice Makes Perfect

Racket Boys episode 9 is the true example of the phrase, "Practice makes Perfect".

Netflix’s Sisters on Track Review: Inspiring, Rebellious Sports Documentary

Sisters on Track is a documentary about three sisters and their athletic life journey. It's inspiring, fun and relevant.

Netflix’s Murder by the Coast Review: A Spine-Chilling Documentary

Murder by the coast is a spine-chilling documentary flick about a teen girl's murder case.

Netflix’s Racket Boys Episode 8 Recap: Team Spirit Is All That Matters

Racket Boys episode 8 will take you through a rush of emotions.

Netflix’s Racket Boys Episode 7 Recap: Win or Lose, it’s a part of the game

Racket Boys episode 7 is full of tension, emotion and expectations.

La Leyenda de Sergio Ramos Review: The Legend Does Not Deliver an Impact

La Leyenda de Sergio Ramos has a lot of things that it gives the audience but still fails to make a lasting impact.

Netflix’s So Not Worth It Season 1 Review: The Sitcom is So Worth It!

So Not Worth It is about a bunch of college students and their regular lives. It is totally worth it!

Netflix’s Ali and Ratu Ratu Queens Review: An Emotional Journey

Ali and Ratu Ratu Queens is a movie about a son who sets out on a journey to search for his mother in New York.


Alex Rider Season 2: Ronke Adekoluejo, Brenock O’Connor on the Upcoming Season

Alex Rider Season 2 is on the way and the cast has something interesting to say.

Netflix’s New World (Ep 3-4) Review: Magical Meteorite And Rich Real Estate

With a meteorite fall and rise in real estate, New World's episodes 3 and 4 are an absolute delight!

The Beatles Get Back Part 3 Review: A Sad But Riveting End

The Beatles Get Back Part 3 covers a part of the band's journey in creating their groundbreaking album Let It Be.

A Quiet Weekend Ft Oscar Isaac Is Everything We All Want!

This Oscar Isaac pictures are going to give you all the weekend vibes you desire.

Stephen Sondheim, the Broadway Icon Passes Away at 91

The demise of legendary Stephen Sondheim leaves everyone sad and numb.

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