Ananya is a certified cinephile and aspiring filmmaker. She just turned 18 and she hates almost everything about it. She wants to be this crazy eccentric director making artsy films in the future and she takes baby steps towards that goal every day. She is also the proud owner of an extensive collection of cat socks. It might be becoming a problem. Help!

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Netflix’s Feels Like Ishq Review: 6 Episodes of Some Good Ol’ Love

Feels Like Ishq is a light and breezy watch, with most of the episodes keeping you engaged. the shorts are simple and not overly ambitious. They market themselves as a feel-good Netflix rom-com and give you exactly that. They are cute, fluffy, with just the right amount of snark, and feature strong female leads. I don't know about you, but that equation to me definitely feels like Ishq.

5 Best Spanish Films to Watch on Netflix

In the process of branching out my tastes in cinema, these are some of the best Spanish films that I discovered on Netflix. Read on to find out.

Netflix’s Chernobyl 1986 Review: Absolutely Boring, Lengthy and Disappointing

If I were to describe Chernobyl 1986 in one word, I would say this: Boring. The film manages to take an interesting setting and an equally interesting premise and turn it into something entirely absurd.

5 Best Sci-Fi Dystopias That Will Blow Your Mind

Here's a list of the 5 best Sci-Fi Dystopias you absolutely must watch.

Netflix’s Deep (2021) Review: Will Exceed Expectations

Deep (2021) exceeded my expectations tremendously. Maybe because the film was truly that great, or because my expectations were low, to begin with. That's for you to decide.

Zee5’s Dhoop Ki Deewar Episode 7 and 8 Recap: New Problems Arise

A lot happens within Dhoop Ki Deewar Episode 7 and 8. The pace has finally begun to pick up, and although all the old problems continue to threaten their families, new ones keep cropping up.

Netflix’s My Amanda (2021) Review: Banter That Packs a Punch

My Amanda is definitely not a must-watch in any way, shape or form but it definitely is a fun and light-hearted watch.

10 Best Period Films Of All Time

Period films are one of the most tricky genres to perfect. Thus, here are 10 of the very best period films you must watch if you haven't already.

Zee5’s Dhoop Ki Deewar Episode 5 and 6 Recap: Finally, the Plot Picks Up Better

Dhoop Ki Deewar episode 5 and 6 were the most interesting ones out of all 6. The tone of the show is finally being set, and although the male lead is still disappointing, the storyline is starting to catch on slightly better.


Everybody’s Talking About Jamie Review: Delightful and Enlightening

Everybody's Talking About Jamie Review: Amazon Prime Video's latest musical is inspired by the life of Jamie Campbell and stars Max Harwood.

The Aquatope on White Sand Episode 11 Review: At the End of the Siege

The Aquatope on White Sand Episode 11 was a phenomenal end to one arc and a fantastic start to another. Let's hope the show carries this momentum forward to the rest of the season, as we are in for an all-timer.

The Lost Symbol Episode 1 Review: An Average Suspenseful Foundation

Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol on Voot Select has an average but suspenseful start.

Sonny Boy Episode 10 Review: Love Makes the World Go Round

Sonny Boy Episode 10 was phenomenal in answering some questions it asked us before and then asking us several new ones after answering. It was an uneasy watch at times as it confronted people with their mortality and the consequences of their actions. Then again, when is it not an uneasy watch?

Shimmy (2021) Review: Short, Sweet and Heart Touching

Shimmy is a rather surprisingly take on growing up, perfectly capturing some uncomfortable problems!