Ashes on a Road Trip (2020) Review: Mohan Agashe Starrer is an Entertainer

Ashes on a Road Trip, or Karkhanisanchi Waari, is a comedy-drama film directed by Mangesh Joshi and stars Mohan Agashe, Amey Wagh, Pradeep Joshi and Ajit Abhyankar, alongside other cast members. The movie is 108 minutes long.

– Ashes on a Road Trip review does not have any spoilers –

From the moment Ashes on a Road Trip starts, it’s has a tone of comedy in it. The film focuses on family and what happens after someone passes away – how it affects people and breaks the family that the person had helped create with love and lots of work. The movie takes a poignant look at it, all the while showcasing people’s greed and their bullying nature within the confines of their safe places. Also, do we know anything about the people who are closest to us?

Puru’s three younger brothers and his sister go on a road trip with his son, Om, to scatter his ashes in three different locations in his ancestral home. The road trip brings out the worst in the people but also brings forth the hurt and hopelessness that people carry in their hearts when a loved one passes away. It’s funny and annoying in equal measure but it is an extremely enjoyable watch through and through.

ashes on a road trip

There are moments Ashes on a Road Trip is very emotional and three old men talking about how fleeting life is will give anyone a reality check. However, there are moments when the generational gap is evident and sexism and bullying can get on the viewers’ nerves. Ok, it’s true that Om, who is on the receiving end of most of the bullying, isn’t really a great person either, but still.

The film also has a sub-plot about him and his relationship with his pregnant girlfriend. Om isn’t really the man you’d want to fall in love with and his unable to take responsibility for anything is the reason why he gets bullied so much. You feel for the guy but he will also make you angry. I think Ajit and Sadhana have the most interesting storyline here that is a bit more complex than that of the others.

Most of the movie is about, well, the ashes. The adventure they go on and the problems that they face thanks to trying to follow Purushottam’s wish and also because they are quite stubborn and think that they know everything. There are moments that feel a bit stretched but are quite important to the overall storyline. It’s never really slow, are there are moments that are quite subtle but they all point to the importance of a family unit and how, sometimes, it’s based on a web of lies.

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ashes on a road trip

Ashes on the Road looks great though and the movie has some great cinematography that will keep you mesmerised. It looks great and the complexities of the characters add to the mystery and the entertainment factor. I say mystery because, throughout its runtime, you’ll think what exactly is in the will that is making the entire family run from pillar to post.

The performances are the best part of Ashes on a Road Trip. Mohan Agashe is just so annoying as the new head of the family that it will get on your nerves. Buti it points to how good he is at what he does Everyone else is as good and makes watching this really great.

Summing up: Ashes on the Road

ashes on a road trip

Ashes on a Road Trip is a fun and entertaining movie that has so many twists and turns that it will keep you on the edge. The secrets that stumble out after a death in the family is absolutely delicious. It’s definitely worth at least one watch.

Ashes on a Road Trip is streaming on SonyLIV.

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Ashes on a Road Trip is entertaining and takes a look at how horrible people can be when a close family member dies.


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