Aryan and Meera Episode 3 Review: Sweet, Sweet Adverts

Aryan and Meera is a rom-com series exclusively premiering on Netflix’s YouTube channel. Directed by Tapasvi Mehta and starring Taaruk Raina and Zayn Marie Khan, Aryan and Meera episode 3 is around 15 minutes long.

As Netflix puts it, Aryan and Meera episode 3 description reads:

A little misunderstanding on Aryan’s part sparks a more than little fight between the couple. Words are said, and Silences are held. Meera with the counsel of her friends, decides to make it up to Aryan with a Grand Gesture. What is it? Does it work? Watch Episode 3 of Aryan & Meera to find out!

– Aryan and Meera episode 3 review does not contain spoilers –

I think I have had it with Netflix’s blatant advertisement of its shows through Aryan and Meera. Aryan and Meera episode 3 starts with the pair watching Money Heist. A fight ensues and some silliness follows.

Now, we all know that it’s annoying when your live-in boyfriend watches your favourite show without you. However, the grand gesture is so in-your-face regarding the advertisement to watch Money Heist that it’s shameful. I think we’ve all realized that this series was created just to create an easy way to get people to subscribe to the streaming platform.

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However, Taaruk Raina and Zayn Marie Khan are just so cute that you can’t help but smile watching them fighting over silly things. Is it relatable? It is – fights like these are too common in relationships. But if the series wasn’t so hell-bent on making its non-paying customers get a taste of the goodness behind the paywall then it really would’ve been sweeter to watch.

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Summing up: Aryan and Meera episode 3

Aryan and Meera episode 3 isn’t the worst. Actually, it’s quite relatable. However, the ads. The damn ads are what really bring it down a notch or two. The leads, however, are so adorable. Raina, especially, is my favourite. I would love to watch him do more and with Mismatched season 2 on the way, I think good things are to be expected.

Aryan & Meera is streaming on Netflix India YouTube.

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Aryan and Meera episode 3 is sweetly relatable but the Netflix ads are a pain in the neck.

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