Apple Tv+ Ted Lasso Review: A Funny and Heartwarming Sports Comedy

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Ted Lasso premiered on 14 August 2020 on Apple TV+ Starring Jason Sudeikis, Stephen Manas, Brendan Hunt, Jeremy Swift, Hannah Waddingham, and Brendan Hunt alongside other cast members, the series is created by Jason Sudeikis and Bill Lawrence.

Ted Lasso and The Lasso Way!

Ted Lasso revolves around an American coach named Ted Lasso (Jason Sudeikis) who is called to England to train a prestigious football club but surprisingly, Lasso doesn’t know much about the sport. The series has more to it than just Lasso being a goofy man – it talks about American pride, humbleness, and more.

Ted Lasso Netflix
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While Lasso is a determined and sunshine-filled coach, he does not know that Rebecca’s (Hannah Waddingham) real intention behind hiring him is to ultimately fail the club.

“Fries are called chips, chips are called crisps, and bangers aren’t great songs, but they do make you feel like dancing,” – Ted Lasso.

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As the episodes progress, we realize that this enthusiastic man is a good person. He respects the kit man, Nate, who is bullied by team members and nobody respects him. He goes to the children’s school, he is honest, funny, and adorable. With every reason to be arrogant or rude, Lasso remains true to himself.

Ted Lasso Netflix

Everybody calls him a ‘wanker,’ but he doesn’t know what it means. However, even when he comes across the meaning, he does not fight people. Each and every character of the series is drawn with perfection and love. Even the group of random street kids who behave like bullies is likeable.

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The series builds more on interpersonal relationships and locker room connections. Lasso has a simple formula – it does not matter to him whether the team wins or losses. He aims to make these players good people and promote their personal growth, both on-field and off-field.

Stream It or Skip It

TL 1

STREAM IT! Ted Lasso is a wholesome series everybody should watch. All the characters are wonderfully written and are perfect. You’ll build liking for Lasso in the first episode itself and you won’t regret it.

He’s one of those people who would do something for someone just to make them feel good. You can’t help but root for Lasso throughout.

Ted Lasso is now streaming on Apple TV+

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Ted Lasso is a heartwarming and funny series streaming on Apple TV+. The series is one of the best watch this year! You need to watch this series, NOW!

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