Antim Trailer: Salman Khan Fights Aayush Sharma in the Action-Packed Thriller

The much anticipated Salman Khan starrer has given us all the sauce we need to keep our enthusiasm in the form of Antim Trailer. Directed by Mahesh Manjrekar and produced by Salman Khan under the banner of Salman Khan Films, the film is promising us an action-packed set of events set up against the backdrop of righteousness and choice. Antim: The Final Truth is in fact based on the 2018 Marathi film Mulshi Pattern.

On October 25, 2021, the trailer for Antim dropped on YouTube giving fans a chance to finally get an insight into what is in store for them in the superstar’s next film. The trailer not only gives us snippets of the story to cherish but also flaunts a rather promising cast who are dedicated to offering us an action-packed experience in theatres soon.

Antim Trailer: A Police Vs A Gunda

There is no denying that Salman Khan brings an unmatched euphoria and energy to the screen which is so well put through the trailer of Antim. The arc of a Cop versus a Gangstar has been going in circles in the Bollywood film industry, special thanks to Rohit Shetty’s Singham franchise. But then, what makes Antim any different from the rest?

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The YouTube description of the trailer reads: Rajveer Singh is all set to take on Rahuliya in this EPIC fight between right and wrong! Who will win this ANTIM fight?

Salman Khan who plays Rajveer Singh is a cop and Rahuliya played by Aayush Sharma is a gangster, who have their face-off in this film but it isn’t like any other as the brain behind the doings of Rahuliya’s shenanigans is Rajveer’s. A parallel is drawn to the story of Mahabharat and the duo of Arjun and Krishna, indicating that the “Antim” fight will be the fight of good conscience versus bad conscience above all.

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Unlike, his role in the Dabangg franchise, Salman Khan gives off a less funny and more strategic vibe by playing a Sardar police officer. Aayush Sharma’s Rahuliya is rugged and kind of reminiscent of actor Ethan Wade’s Raghu from the 2021 film Raghu CNG. We also see Pragya Jaiswal and Mahima Makwana taking up the role of the female leads in this film.

You can watch the Antim trailer below:

With music from Ravi Basrur, the trailer indeed looks like the film is going to be a blast. Meanwhile, if you are planning to watch the film, Antim: The Final Truth will be out in theatres on November 26, 2021.

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