Another Round Review: Booze Therapy

At parties and other gatherings, we often say, let’s have ‘another round of drinks. Another Round also revolves around a bit on that orbit. It is was released in 2020, but it is now streaming on the BookMyShow streaming platform. Directed by Thomas Vinterberg, Another Round is a film about alcoholism.

Another round

This movie is a Danish dialectical drama that stars Mads Mikkelsen, Thomas Bo Larsen in pivotal roles and others in different characters. Another Round film shows four lead characters, who all are teachers teaching subjects from music, sports, history and psychology.

The main theory of the film is based on a study stated by Norwegian philosopher/psychiatrist Finn Skarderud that humans are born with a blood-alcohol level of 0.05 per cent less than usual. The hypothesis of the concept is that a man can handle two drinks a day.

Well, to test this theory, these four teachers in the film (Martin, Tommy, Nikolaj and Peter) started drinking during the day before 8 PM and avoided drinks on weekends to balance out the alcohol level. A perfect plan, isn’t it? In this way, you will never be too drunk and will also behave as a sober man.

But once you start drinking, is there any way back to be a sober man? Well, to know that you have to watch the film by yourself. This Danish drama will give you a realistic touch with a strong message. Thomas did a great job in telling the story with unusual twists as the movie unfurls further and the characters get into more dangerous adventures.

If you watch the trailer you will see the main character Martin played by Mads goes blank, eventually creating havoc as he slowly becomes more and more dependant on alcohol. The same goes for the others. But what happens at the end? Could they get help for themselves? What happens to Martin’s family? So, the question that lies here, do they become alcoholics?

Another Round: Why you should watch it

Well, I will recommend watching this movie because it depicts male anxiety with proper emotions and how they tend to drink up to get done with a mid-life crisis. The language may become a distraction but the subtitles are there so don’t worry. This film is mostly a no-woman portrayal, apart from Martin’s sympathetic wife.

Sturla Brandth Grovlen took handheld camera shots which gave a different edge to the scenes where needed. The actors are amazing with their work and the lighting of the film has given a different perspective to the scenes altogether. Not many action sequence, not too much drama, just quiet and simple storytelling.

Another round

And the most important part is the film has been nominated under Best International Film and Best Director’s category for the Oscars.

Why is it skippable?

The film has a runtime of 116 minutes so it might seem a bit stretched. But other than that the director has done a marvellous job to portray the drinking up mid-life crisis and the relation with alcoholism.

So, what happens when you spill the bottle of wine instead of the wish granting genie? You take another round!

Another Round is streaming on BookMyShow now.

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Another Round is just a phrase that we often use at parties only to find out that it can have a bearing on your real life.
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