And Just Like That: The Best Characters of Sex and the City Reboot

The Sex and the City reboot series And Just Like That has come to an end. Some fans are sighing a breath of relief. Whereas others are desperately waiting for a second season because aren’t we all just that crazy 90s fans wanting to relive the nostalgia of growing old? Well, even though fans might have a mixed reaction to how the HBO Max reboot series steered itself, there is this undeniable attraction we might feel for some of the characters- a few old and, some new.

Created by Darren Star and developed by Michael Patrick King, the show featured Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon and Kristin Davis reprising in their previous roles. Along with other cast members that include Mario Cantone, Sara Ramirez, Karen Pittman, Evan Handler, Sarita Choudhury, Nicole Ari Parker, Cathy Anga and Jon Tenney. With such a host of actors, it might seem difficult to decide but, we have you covered with this list!

And Just Like That Top 5 Characters

Sarita Choudhury as Seema Patel

As much as we missed Samantha Jones not being a part of the reboot, fans have been extremely happy to see her essence return in the character of Seema Patel- a real estate mogul, who lives and breathes independence, fashion and, dialogues that we are willing to repeat during the next girlfriend-brunch, we go to. Seema was introduced late in the show (during the fourth episode) but, god, has she been a breath of fresh air! Starting from helping Carrie out of her tragic time to putting her on the dating row back again to never quitting on her search for love, Seema is headstrong, beautiful and, definitely the woman we’d all want to hang out with.

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Kristin Davis as Charlotte York Goldenblatt

Amongst the three leading ladies in the show, it will not be a long jump to say that it was Charlotte who served as the show’s backbone. Her transformation from being an uptight, conservative woman to opening up herself into accepting her daughters’ choices and her friends’ decisions, Charlotte was truly impressive and, out of the box. Not to forget how she saved the “they” mitzvah by stepping in and, proving to everyone how she has evolved and grown as a person.

Karen Pittman as Dr. Nya Wallace

When we first met Nya in Miranda’s class nobody expected her to turn out the way she does. Nya is supportive and speaks her mind. Struggling with pregnancy and yet, putting on a strong face everyday to face the world, Nya has been one of the most relatable characters in the reboot and, we would not want it any other way. If there is a season 2 knocking around the corner, we hope to see more of her and, what happened to her and Andre’s relationship after the fundraiser event.

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David Eigenberg as Steve Brady

For the most part of the reboot, Steve felt like a supporting character who only appears in the scene to conflict with Miranda’s feelings about marriage, motherhood and sex. But, the original’s fans know how Steve is much more than that, which was further proven when Miranda asked him for divorce and, our old school sweetheart delivered the most appropriate, truthful and endearing lines about love and marriage. Moreover, after the Che-Miranda scene, fans have been determined to prove that he is truly one of the most heartfelt characters in the show and, we surely agree.

Sarah Jessica Parker as Carrie Bradshaw

Carrie Bradshaw is an icon and, even if fans might find her character problematic with the progress everyone has gone through, there is no denying that Carrie is what connects us most to Sex and the City. She is the only character who hasn’t evolved or changed, she is just the way she used to be and, that is alright for people who experienced too many characters going haywire this season. Carrie is insufferable but, Carrie is also the woman we might just end up being- confused, heartbroken and, real about how they feel about the people around her.

Along with the above five, we think Evan Handler’s Harry Goldenbatt and Nicole Ari Parker’s Lisa Todd Wexley were two other amazing characters in the show, who deserved more screentime and attention. Also, those texts from Samantha Jones might just be the highlight of the show for many fans.

You can tune in to watch all the episodes of the reboot series along with its documentary now on HBO Max. The runtime for the episodes are around 40 minutes and can range up to an hour. To read the reviews about the episodes of the show and various other news and reactions related to it , click here.

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