And Just Like That Episode 9 Promo: A Sneak Peek Into Carrie and Miranda’s Dating Life

And Just Like That Episode 9 promo continues some leftover segments from previous episodes. Created by Darren Star, this show is the revival series for Sex and the City that is based on the bestselling book by Candance Bushnell of the same name. It stars Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon and Kristin Davis reprising in their previous roles as Carrie Bradshaw, Miranda Hobbes and Charlotte York Goldenblatt, respectively. This time we also have other prominent roles which are played by Mario Cantone, David Eigenberg, Willie Garson, Evan Handler and Sara Ramirez. With weekly episodic releases, eight episodes are already out!

According to the last episode on And Just Like That, Miranda has asked Steve for a divorce and, is leaving for Clevland to reunite with Che. Meanwhile, Charlotte continues to face parenting difficulties and, this time it is Lily in focus. Carrie has a new neighbour, but we are still waiting to hear all about Carrie’s date from episode 7!

HBO’s And Just Like That Episode 9 Promo Video

And Just Like That Episode 9 Promo Predictions:

According to the episode 9 promo, we see Miranda and Che in a weird spot. After throwing the divorce ultimate at Steve, Miranda’s visit to Clevland does not seem to make Che happy. Che clearly states that they are not dating! Almost an indicator that Miranda might find Che casually hooking up with someone else, or just a grand gesture has irritated Che. However, in the late half of the promo, we see the duo catching a cup of coffee together, so maybe they could try to work out their new relationship.

Carrie Bradshaw, on the other hand, is back in the field. Not as romantically as one would like, but Carrie is going to be on a second date with Peter which she calls a “do-over”. We bet something sweet could happen between these two after all.

Charlotte’s parenting ride has not ended yet. After Rose turns Rock and, Charlotte finds her ground to understand her younger daughter, we have Lily in focus now. According to the last episode (i.e., episode 8), Charlotte is taken aback by Lily’s growing up days, be it talking about sex with her or, finding out about her private Instagram account. In the upcoming episode, Charlotte will have to quit the birds and bees talk to focus on other issues concerning Lily it seems.

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Looks like dating and parenting troubles are going to overwhelm our trio in the next episode of And Just Like That! The promo also indicates the presence of Seema in this episode, where she and Carrie go out to a club only to get cancelled by the doorman while bribing. Well, we will need to find out the full story on that one, of course!

Meanwhile, you can watch And Just Like That Episode 8 now on HBO Max. All the episodes are going to get a weekly release on Thursdays, at 3 am ET. The runtime for the episodes are around 40 minutes and can range up to an hour. To read the review about the previous episodes of And Just Like That, click here.

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