And Just Like That Episode 5 Review: A Friendship Rollercoaster

The last episode showed us how Carrie, Miranda and Charlotte have found new friends while retaining their old friendships making And Just LikThat Episode 5 deal with both friendships, new and old. The show is created by Darren Star and is a revival series for Sex and the City that is based on the bestselling book by Candance Bushnell of the same name. It is headlined by Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon and Kristin Davis reprising in their previous roles as Carrie Bradshaw, Miranda Hobbes and Charlotte York Goldenblatt, respectively. Other prominent roles are played by Mario Cantone, David Eigenberg, Willie Garson, Evan Handler and Sara Ramirez.

– And Just Like That Episode 5 review does not contain spoilers –

And Just Like That Episode 5: “Tragically Hip”

We see Carrie get a hip surgery done in this episode which acts as a domino to keep one event after the other rolling. Episode 5 solidifies the friendship shared by the trio and they are always going to have each others’ backs. However, as sweet as it sounds, there are a couple of rollercoaster moments to keep you reeling for more.

We get a closer look between Miranda and Che’s friendship in this episode which leads to something intimate ultimately. But, how Carrie, Charlotte and Miranda’s husband and son will fit into this jigsaw move is still in the dark. But, given how vocal and strong-headed a character Miranda is, we hope she stands her ground even if it means identifying her sexuality much later in life.

Charlotte’s daughter, Rose, who now goes by the name Rock, takes the centre stage again in Charlotte’s life. The changing of names and adapting to the pronoun ‘they/their’ is something tough for Charlotte and Harry, who belong to another generation to understand. This segment of the show reflects exactly how the older generation is trying to understand and fit in with the voices and identities of the newer ones.

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A lovely part of the episode pays tribute to our golden character Samantha Jones, who we so terribly miss in this Sex and the City reboot. And, there was almost a light that we could possibly see or hear more of Samantha but, that expectation reached a cold end.

And Just Like That Episode 5: Final Thoughts

And Just Like That Episode 5 felt very homely and real, especially the parts where we find the characters either confused or trying to deal with a new reality. Carrie was definitely high as a kite all through the episode which made for a light air but, it wasn’t exactly funny. Let us hope the next episodes help us explore Che and Miranda more and also Rose/Rock’s new journey and how Charlotte plans to deal with it. The friendship between Seema and Carrie is also something to look out for. You never know if she is the next Samantha Jones of the group, right?

You can watch And Just Like That Episode 5 now on HBO Max. All the episodes are going to get a weekly release, with five episodes already out and five more to go, on Thursdays, 3 am ET. The runtime for the episodes are around 40 minutes and can range up to an hour. To read the review about the previous episodes of And Just Like That, click here.

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And Just Like That Episode 5 is a sweet and sour friendship rollercoaster ride to be on.


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